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Where Ancient Stars Align

Unreconciled Stars - IV
Requires AR0
SeriesUnreconciled Stars - IV
Number of Quests1
Table of Contents
Fragile Resin x 1
Primogem x 60
Mora x 30000
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1Where Ancient Stars Align

The meteorites that have rained down were once, in fact, part of someone's constellation. Why did this ancient array of stars fall from the sky? What goal were their extinguished flames chasing? Armed with the courage to face the answers, you march onward.
• Ask Mona about the progress of her scrying
• Talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt
• Search for clues in the Mondstadt Library
• Check the index in front of Lisa's desk
• Look for the book Leonard authored
• Bring Leonard's book to Mona
• Go to Musk Reef as the book indicates
• Defeat Scaramouche's subordinates
• Destroy the meteorite core
x 1
x 60
x 30000

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