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The Crisis Deepens

Unreconciled Stars - II
Requires AR0
SeriesUnreconciled Stars - II
Number of Quests1
Table of Contents
Fragile Resin x 1
Primogem x 60
Mora x 30000
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1The Crisis Deepens

As your investigation proceeds, you gradually realize that there is some mysterious power hidden within these meteorites. In order to help the victims regain consciousness, you and your comrades begin to dispose of meteorites throughout the land...
• Find Draff and discuss the situation in Springvale
• Go to Dawn Winery and look for Adelinde
• Head for the Stone Gate
• Ask people nearby for information (0/3)
• Ask people nearby for information (1/3)
• Ask people nearby for information (2/3)
• Look for the Dawn Winery's delivery staff
• Rescue the worker surrounded by monsters
• Talk to the delivery staff
• Search for the winery employee, Fritz
• Get close and ascertain the situation
• Go to Wangshu Inn and check on Fritz
• Look for Fritz among the patients at Wangshu Inn
• Continue asking after Fritz's whereabouts
• Look for Fritz among the remaining patients
• Ask Huai'an about Fritz
• Search for meteorites near Wangshu Inn
• Dispose of the meteorite
• Ascertain if there are any leftover meteorites nearby
• Dispose of the remaining meteorites
• Talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt
• Go to Mona's designated scrying location
x 1
x 60
x 30000

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