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Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip

Trulla Chapter: Act I
Requires AR0
SeriesTrulla Chapter: Act I
Number of Quests6
Table of Contents
Adventure EXP x 1050
Mora x 38825
Adventurer's Experience x 18
Fine Enhancement Ore x 45
Primogem x 60
Teachings of Diligence x 5
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1Little Chef on a Hunt

On a clear and sunny day, you go for a walk to Springvale with Paimon.
• Meet the girl in the forest
• Talk to Xiangling
• Help Xiangling collect Raw Meat
• Give three chunks of Raw Meat to Xiangling
x 1050
x 38825
x 18
x 45
# 2Cooking Appointment

While out on a stroll, you bumped into a strange girl. This girl, a chef from Liyue by the name of Xiangling, is on a journey to seek out exotic ingredients. She enlists your help in a hunt, but your private hunting expedition appears to have earned the ire of Draff, the leader of the hunters. You head off to apologize to him...
• Go with Xiangling to Springvale
• Apologize to Draff
• Catch up to Xiangling
• Talk to Xiangling at the source of the aroma
x 125
x 4650
x 2
x 5
# 3Secret Ingredient

To your surprise, Draff did not intend to reprimand Xiangling, but instead wanted her to help promote Springvale's meat products instead. Sticking to her principles, Xiangling refused to cook for advertising, and would have left if she was not attracted to the smell of Brook's cooking. What began as a chat devolved into disagreement about how to prepare food, and ended in the declaration of a cook-off between the head chef of Springvale and the chef from Liyue.
• Intercept Xiangling on her way to Liyue
• Talk to Xiangling
• Continue looking for the right ingredients
• Collect three Lotus Heads
• Continue looking for the right ingredients
• Collect three Jueyun Chilies
• Talk to Xiangling
x 175
x 6575
x 3
x 8
# 4Lucky Find

Xiangling believes that Lotus Heads and Jueyun Chilies alone will not let her prevail in the cook-off, and sets off to find more ingredients.
• Go to the place Xiangling mentioned
• Talk to Xiangling and the shivering man
• Make a Delicious Radish Veggie Soup
• Give the hunter the soup you prepared
x 125
x 4650
x 2
x 5
# 5Present from the Past

Xiangling took a keen interest in the rumor that the ruins contain a gigantic Cryo Regisvine, and ran inside to investigate. Worried about her safety, you quickly follow the impetuous chef.
• Catch up to Xiangling in the ruins
• Go into the depths of the ruins in search of ingredients
• Talk to Xiangling
x 225
x 8475
x 4
x 10
# 6Cooking Showdown

After obtaining the rare ingredients, Xiangling is finally ready for the cook-off. The showdown between the two head chefs is about to begin.
• Return to Springvale for the cooking showdown
• Talk to Xiangling at the Cooking Showdown
• Help Xiangling during the cooking showdown
• Ask Xiangling if she needs any more help
• Make Delicious Jade Parcels
• Give the Delicious Jade Parcels to Xiangling
• Talk to Draff and await the results
• Accept Xiangling's thanks
• Find some Radishes
• Go to the lakeside and wash the Radish
• Give the washed Radish to Xiangling
• Extinguish the pan fires
• Continue to help Xiangling
• Cook a Delicious Chicken-Mushroom Skewer
• Give the Delicious Chicken-Mushroom Skewer to Xiangling
• Find suitable ingredients
• Ask Xiangling if she is satisfied with the ingredients
x 225
x 60
x 8475
x 5
x 4
x 10

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