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Archon’s Rival

The Chalk Prince and the Dragon: Act II
Requires AR0
SeriesThe Chalk Prince and the Dragon: Act II
Number of Quests1
Table of Contents
Primogem x 60
Hero's Wit x 3
Mora x 30000
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1Archon's Rival

As Albedo suspected, this sword can absorb power to display a facsimile of "growth." This rare ability has caused it to catch the eye of certain parties with ulterior motives.
• Meet with Albedo
• Go to the investigation site
• Speak to Albedo
• Defeat the assailants
• Speak to Albedo
• Investigate the ley line disorder
• Defeat the attacking monsters
• Speak to Albedo
x 60
x 3
x 30000

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