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Sea of Clouds, Sea of People

Sinae Unicornis Chapter: Act I
Requires AR40
SeriesSinae Unicornis Chapter: Act I
Number of Quests3
Table of Contents
Adventure EXP x 1725
Mora x 105875
Hero's Wit x 12
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 23
Primogem x 60
Guide to Diligence x 5
Quest NumTitleTasksReward
# 1The Illuminated Beast of the Sea of Clouds

The three secretaries who originally worked at the Jade Chamber have appeared at Yujing Terrace. It looks like something has them tearing their hair out...
• Talk to the Jade Chamber secretaries
• Head near Mt. Aocang to look for Ganyu
• Find and talk to Ganyu
• Head to the site of Ganyu's trial and speak to her
• Complete Cloud Retainer's trial
• Talk to Ganyu
• Go to Nantianmen and speak with Xiao
• Complete Xiao's trial
• Talk to Xiao
x 1725
x 105875
x 12
x 23
# 2A Secretary in a Sea of Humanity

Caught between the world of humans and adepti, Ganyu has descended into a funk. After she hits a snag in her plan to return to Jueyun Karst, you follow Ganyu back to Liyue Harbor, intending to resolve her misunderstanding that she has been dismissed from her post...
• Accompany Ganyu to return to Liyue Harbor
• Talk to Ganyu
• Stroll around Liyue Harbor's wharf
• Stroll around Liyue Harbor's wharf
• Head to Yuehai Pavilion and speak to Huixin
• Go to the Wanyou Boutique and talk to Bolai
• Go to Fanmu Carpenter's and speak with Master Lu
• Defeat the suspicious Fatui underling
• Talk to the suspicious Fatui underling
• Clear the warehouse of its occupants
• Look for the invoice from Second Life
• Return to Yuehai Pavilion and speak to Huixin
• Talk to Dongsheng at Second Life
x 675
x 41750
x 5
x 9
# 3A Pact That Crosses Time

Accepting the commission of the Tianshu, Uncle Tian, Ganyu very naturally slips into her work mode, coming to the aid of her junior colleague Huixin with ease in the latter's time of need. To express her thanks, Huixin invites you all to Xinyue Kiosk to have a meal...
• Go to Xinyue Kiosk for the meal appointment
• Talk to Huixin
• Talk to Huixin
• Talk to the Jade Chamber secretaries
• Talk to the Jade Chamber secretaries
x 425
x 60
x 26025
x 5
x 3
x 6

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