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Where the Light Wanes

Where the Light Wanes
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionWhile everyone else is lifting their eyes up to the lovely sight of Xiao Lanterns in the sky, Millelith soldier Hongyu is having a headache...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Primogem x 30
Mora x 20000
Festive Fever x 100
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Hongyu
HongyuHongyu: How did I end up doing this...
Hongyu: Xiao Lanterns don't just vanish into thin air after each Lantern Rite, you know? They have to be recovered manually.Hongyu: Sure, they are quite a view, floating majestically in the air, but at the same time, they can also be quite a nuisance.Hongyu: If its lampshade is poorly made, a lantern will break mid-air, leaving only a chunk of Plaustrite that flies all over the place.Hongyu: Some Xiao Lanterns also get blown away by the wind and end up stuck in random nooks...Hongyu: The former creates safety concerns, while the latter litters the city landscape. So the Ministry of Civil Affairs usually delegates the responsibility of recovering Xiao Lanterns to a specific person.Hongyu: As it happens, it's my turn this year...Hongyu: But the amount of Xiao Lanterns released during the festival is overwhelming... If I were to retrieve them all the day after the celebrations end, I'd be done for.Hongyu: So the only feasible way is to remove the broken and misplaced lanterns gradually, as people release them.Hongyu: Even so, I doubt I can collect them all on my own.Hongyu: Traveler, would you mind checking a few spots for Xiao Lanterns that need to be recovered?
Hongyu: I've marked the locations on the map for you. Thanks for your help!
• Head to the designated location to collect the Xiao Lantern
• Collect the Xiao Lantern
• Head to the designated location to collect the Xiao Lantern
• Collect the Xiao Lantern
• Head to the designated location to collect the Xiao Lantern
• Defeat the enraged Hilichurls
• Talk to Flash-Fist Ling
Flash-Fist LingFlash-Fist Ling: That's not fair!
Flash-Fist Ling: I... Ugh, let me start from the beginning. My master recently developed a new kicking technique. An immensely powerful one at that!Flash-Fist Ling: But he claimed that I wasn't earnest enough, and that I still needed to work on the basics. He wouldn't teach me the new technique...Flash-Fist Ling: I planned to take advantage of the Lantern Rite and give him a nice Xiao Lantern to soften his attitude. Perhaps a change of mood would lead to a change of heart, and he'd agree to teach me those moves, or so I thought.Flash-Fist Ling: But I couldn't find any Plaustrite, so when I noticed that a Xiao Lantern got stuck over there, I wanted to retrieve the Plaustrite inside...Flash-Fist Ling: You saw what happened next... Eh, I don't deserve that Xiao Lantern. You can have it.Flash-Fist Ling: Encountering those monsters really made me realize that my martial arts foundations leave a lot to be desired...
• Collect the Xiao Lantern
• Report back to Hongyu
HongyuHongyu: Have you checked all the spots I marked for you yet? Any Xiao Lanterns recovered?
Hongyu: Thanks so much. It would have been a lot of work to retrieve the Xiao Lanterns in those places. The trip tires me right out each time...Hongyu: With your help, I can finally rest easy. So please, take this for your trouble. You've more than earned it.
Flash-Fist LingFlash-Fist Ling: It's all because I'm too weak. I have a long way to go to fully grasp my master's teachings.
HongyuHongyu: They release them, I take them back, and so on and so forth. Am I the only one who sees no point in this?

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