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Fishing For Jade

Fishing For Jade
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionIn the aftermath of the collision between the Jade Chamber and That Which Lies in the Deep, the sea remains dotted with floating fragments of the Jade Chamber. The Millelith soldier Kun is currently looking for help with the cleanup work...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
UnlocksReturn of the Jade Chamber?
Adventure EXP x 100
Mora x 50000
Adventurer's Experience x 5
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
KunKun: A perfectly good Jade Chamber... Gone, just like that...
Kun: Ah, it's you. I... Well, I'm currently thinking about how to clear up the fragments of the Jade Chamber currently floating on the ocean surface...Kun: You recall that it was completely destroyed when it crashed, right?Kun: Those fragments ended up floating on the ocean, with some larger pieces even blocking the path of passing ships...Kun: The Ministry of Civil Affairs organized a cleanup, which got rid of all the larger pieces.Kun: But as for those smaller bits of flotsam... Clear them out one day, and more come floating in the next...Kun: While they're not that much of a problem, the Ministry's stance is that we should clean them up all the same. I'm currently thinking about how this can be done.Kun: Our sergeant said that I could look for some people to help out, but who would want to do this job anyway?Kun: I mean, um, unless you... Well, are you willing to help me with the cleanup? You might even be able to keep some of the useful items you pick up.
Kun: Thanks, you're a big help. I'm afraid that I'm not a particularly good swimmer...
Kun: Honestly, I don't know myself. But given that this is the Jade Chamber, I'm sure that something eye-catching will turn up.
• Clear the flotsam from the north wharf
KunKun: A perfectly good Jade Chamber... Gone, just like that...
• Clear the flotsam from the south wharf
• Report back to Kun
KunKun: Have you finished the cleanup?
Kun: Hmm... I suppose you can just keep that Mora. It isn't much, so I suppose you can keep it as compensation for your help.Kun: This box, on the other hand, is unknown to me. You might want to pass it on to Baiwen.Kun: She's currently attending to some business at Yuehai Pavilion. Perhaps she might know what it is.
• Pass the box to Baiwen
BaiwenBaiwen: Hello, how may I help you?
Baiwen: Hmm? Allow me to have a look.Baiwen: Yes, this does indeed come from the Jade Chamber.
Baiwen: Well, the contents consist of several documents and an announcement that has yet to undergo review. To think that they are still so well-preserved... How unexpected.Baiwen: Still, your find should save us some work. Cleaning up after this mess really has proved an unending font of busywork.Baiwen: Still, thank you for bringing these to us. Do take this as a token of our appreciation.

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