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Endless Research

Endless Research
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionYou meet Alrani, whom you once saved from a cage, in Liyue Harbor. She still seems to want to investigate something...
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RequiresAnd This Treasure Goes To...
Adventure EXP x 150
Mora x 20000
Teachings of Prosperity x 5
Teachings of Diligence x 5
Teachings of Gold x 5
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
AlraniAlrani: Ugh. How am I supposed to write my thesis like this? What should I do...
Alrani: I— What? Oh! It's you! Do you still remember me?Alrani: I was that, uh, person you found in a Treasure Hoarder cage down in Lingju Pass. Heh, in any case, thank you for saving me.
Alrani: Well, uh, after being rescued by you, I went to look for Soraya at Wangshu Inn. By a stroke of luck, I was able to find her.Alrani: Soraya's a really good person — not only did she treat me to a meal, but she also helped me re-organize my notes.Alrani: But... she told me afterward that the topic that I'd chosen has already been the subject of many prior theses at the Academia.Alrani: Unless I were to write an exceptional thesis, there's no way that I'll pass... She advised me to change angles — for example, I could write about something related to the elements.Alrani: But since I don't have a Vision and can't use the elements, I have no idea where to begin...Alrani: So there was nothing for it but to come to the city to try my luck and see if I could find any material here.Alrani: Wait... When you saved me back then, you fought in a very unique manner...Alrani: Do you have a Vision, by any chance?
Alrani: Huh? You can fight in that manner without possessing a Vision? How can that be?Alrani: No, never mind. It's a very long story, no doubt... Either way, I have something to ask of you.Alrani: Could you demonstrate your manner of fighting to me? Perhaps I might discern something that can be used to refine my thesis...Alrani: Please help me out! If I don't finish this thesis, I'll be dead meat when I return to the Academia...
Alrani: Thank you so much! Let's go outside, then.Alrani: I recall noticing a group of hilichurls around these parts. Show me your fighting style, using them as your target!
Alrani: Oh, it's a very, very frightening place. I wake up sobbing every time I dream of it.Alrani: I'd rather stay in that Treasure Hoarder cage than have to do another draft or thesis defense.Alrani: Alright, that's enough about the Academia...Alrani: I recall noticing a group of hilichurls around these parts. Show me your fighting style, using them as your target!
• Defeat all the hilichurls
• Speak to Alrani
AlraniAlrani: Wow... Your fighting style really is quite unique.Alrani: By the way, I've also heard that Vision wielders can sense the presence of elements. I believe it's known as Elemental Sight...Alrani: Though you don't have a Vision, I've seen you manipulate elemental energy — so you should have this ability, right?Alrani: I happened upon a few slimes nearby, so could you demonstrate Elemental Sight? You can use it to find those slimes.
• Use Elemental Sight to find the slimes
• Defeat all the slimes
• Speak to Alrani
AlraniAlrani: Haha, from the perspective of someone without a Vision like myself, I didn't notice your use of Elemental Sight at all...Alrani: I suppose that might be something that only other Vision wielders can sense.Alrani: Still, thanks for demonstrating so many things to me.Alrani: *sigh* How I wish I had a Vision... Having an Electro Vision would be the best. Not only would it look cool, I could defend myself, too.Alrani: Hmm, no — an Electro Vision would probably be the least attainable of all...
Alrani: No, it won't happen, no matter how hard I work—Alrani: Wait. Don't you know? It seems that nobody has obtained an Electro Vision for a whole year now.Alrani: I've heard that the Academia has been researching this matter for a while now, and they have concluded that the lack of Electro Visions granted to mortals is the will of the Electro Archon.Alrani: I've also heard it said that Inazuma's Electro Archon has proclaimed a "Vision Hunt Decree," which has aimed to confiscate the majority of all Visions from Vision wielders throughout Inazuma.Alrani: Those who disobey and withhold their Visions will be punished severely...Alrani: I once wanted to travel to Inazuma to write a thesis regarding this decree, but it really does seem dangerous over there...
Alrani: H—Hey, don't say that! Just think about it, if people with Visions are already suffering, don't you think that those who go without would be even worse off?Alrani: I suppose I should just stay here in Liyue and finish my thesis in peace, then report back to the Academia in Sumeru with my findings as soon as possible. If I delay any longer, I won't hear the end of it...Alrani: Ah, right, I still have to thank you for showing me so many things. Take these as tokens of my appreciation.Alrani: I'll finish my thesis this time for sure!

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