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An Adeptal Summons

An Adeptal Summons
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionIf you wish to meet Cloud Retainer again, you must prepare a food offering...
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RequiresZhongli's Treat
Custodian of Clouds
Adventure EXP x 100
Mora x 20000
Hero's Wit x 3
Guide to Diligence x 3
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Offer the Delicious Jewelry Soup
• Visit Cloud Retainer
Visit the adeptus' abodeVisit the adeptus' abode: State your business at once! One has a myriad matters to which one must attend. Waste not the valuable time of an adeptus!
Visit the adeptus' abode: ...Visit the adeptus' abode: Your business is a novel one... You simply came to wish me well, and not to fulfill a wish of some other nature?Visit the adeptus' abode: Very well, so be it! Mortal minds work in mysterious ways... I have no interest in attempting to understand them.Visit the adeptus' abode: Since you are so demonstrably idle at present... Would you care to do me a small favor?Visit the adeptus' abode: Once upon a time, when I had made a modest breakthrough in my mechanical studies, I built for myself a Dwelling in the Clouds suspended in the air.Visit the adeptus' abode: This Dwelling in the Clouds was built principally from plaustrite, supported by a multitude of other ingenious features... In fact, its most marvelous feature of all was, was... Never mind, you would not understand even if I explained it.Visit the adeptus' abode: After construction of the Dwelling in the Clouds was complete, I left the blueprints there.Visit the adeptus' abode: I also added a seal, thinking that one of true affinity with the blueprints might eventually obtain them. But no — to this day, the seal stands.Visit the adeptus' abode: It now seems a needless bother to me to have the blueprints stored there. Perhaps you can retrieve them from the Dwelling in the Clouds for me.
Visit the adeptus' abode: Such enthusiasm. Then do not delay, deliver them to my abode when you have found them, for that is where I shall be waiting for you.
Visit the adeptus' abode: Naturally, I have my reasons. But please, do not presume that you could scrutinize an idea conceived in the mind of an adeptus.Visit the adeptus' abode: Delay no further. Deliver them to my abode when you have found them, for that is where I shall be waiting for you.
• Go to the adeptus' abode and search for the blueprints
Visit the adeptus' abodeVisit the adeptus' abode: You still have not obtained the blueprints? But they are right there, in the Dwelling in the Clouds...Paimon: Ugh, how'd she know we hadn't fetched them yet?Visit the adeptus' abode: Those blueprints are a work of my own hand, should I not be able to sense when they are in my presence? Now, fetch them forthwith!
• Give the blueprints to Cloud Retainer
Visit the adeptus' abodeVisit the adeptus' abode: I see you have obtained the blueprints. Now, hand them to me forthwith!
• Place the blueprints before Cloud Retainer
Visit the adeptus' abodeVisit the adeptus' abode: (The abode of Cloud Retainer. This adeptus seems unwilling to receive guests...)
Cloud RetainerCloud Retainer: These are indeed the blueprints for my Dwelling in the Clouds. One is most pleased.
Cloud Retainer: Must you continue to question me? *sigh* Very well, considering you did make an offering...Cloud Retainer: One has heard of a certain Jade Chamber that hangs in the air above Liyue, built by mortal hands.Cloud Retainer: One has also heard that mortals value size above all else, and have on this basis proceeded to declare that said chamber is without parallel in all the world.Cloud Retainer: Hmph! Such are the limits of mortal comprehension, that they fail to fathom the ingenuity of the adepti.Cloud Retainer: Jade Chamber my foot! A glimpse at the most trivial of my mechanical accomplishments would reveal the Jade Chamber to be an utterly tedious and mundane piece of work...
Cloud Retainer: Nonsense! I am no loser, nor am I afflicted with sores... I merely pity the foolish! These mortals, blind to adepti ingenuity, bedazzled by the crudest of craftsmanship...Cloud Retainer: I fear that this will cause mechanics among mortals to develop in a woefully mistaken direction. It falls to me to point them down the right path.Cloud Retainer: The matter at hand is concluded. Leave at once.
Cloud RetainerCloud Retainer: Whyever are you still here? Leave at once, and disturb me no further.

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