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And This Treasure Goes To…

And This Treasure Goes To...
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionYou discovered a strange encampment in Lingju Pass. Something seems to have happened here...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
UnlocksEndless Research
Adventure EXP x 300
Primogem x 40
Hero's Wit x 2
Mora x 10000
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Defeat the Treasure Hoarders and obtain the key
• Open the cage
Neatly-Written DiaryNeatly-Written Diary: "...Still no clues at all. I knew I shouldn't have chosen Liyue as the subject of my research. At this rate, I'll have to return empty-handed..."Neatly-Written Diary: "...If I do return empty handed, that old geezer is going to nag at me till I go insane... Come to think of it, Soraya is also doing research in Liyue, and she's staying at the Wangshu Inn. If she could help me out a bit..."Neatly-Written Diary: "Ugh, Soraya hasn't responded to my letters. Perhaps it was a bit rude of me to suddenly write her? We only took the same class, after all."Neatly-Written Diary: "She probably doesn't remember me anymore... Well, I'll stay a few days more. If there's still nothing, then I'll have to go back..."Neatly-Written Diary: "Soraya's research methods are truly brilliant! To think that you could approach things from this angle. If I had only consulted her earlier, I wouldn't have had to waste so much time..."Neatly-Written Diary: "But she did warn me to be a slightly more careful, to not camp out in the wild, and to keep my notes close with me, lest I attract the attention of the Treasure Hoarders..."Neatly-Written Diary: "It can't be. Could those Treasure Hoarders really be so audacious? Well, it doesn't matter. I'll leave in a few days, anyway..."Neatly-Written Diary: "Maybe I'm just getting paranoid, but I feel like I see silhouettes on the mountain to the west... someone's also been inside my camp, flipping through my notes..."Neatly-Written Diary: "Soraya was right. I have to leave this place..."
• Investigate the strange camp
• Look for the missing scholar
• Speak to Alrani
AlraniAlrani: Thank you so much. I thought I was truly finished... that group of Treasure Hoarders had been following me this entire time.Alrani: Just as I had finally made some progress in my research, and was thinking that it might be nice to find the treasure here and take it back with me...Alrani: The Treasure Hoarders invaded my camp, nabbed me, and brought me here.Alrani: They kept questioning me as to the treasure's location, and threatened to take my life if I refused to tell them.Alrani: But if I had told them just like that, that really would have been the end of me.Alrani: *sigh* I should've listened to Soraya. She always insists that archaeologists like us should be focused on academic results instead of treasure.Alrani: But I only get this much funding. A few essays won't be enough to break even on my travel expenses...Alrani: I can't for the life of me say how Soraya's managed to stay in Liyue by herself for all this time. Just looking at her pile of rejected manuscripts makes me feel exhausted.
Alrani: Well, what else? I've finished gathering my research material. As for the treasure... Well, you can have it.Alrani: I'm not repeating the convoluted thought process that brought me here. All you need to know is that the treasure is buried underneath that giant golden tree in the middle of Lingju Pass.Alrani: Take it if you want. I'll write its description down for you so you don't forget.Alrani: I'll rest for a while, and then I'll head back to my camp to gather up my things. I have to get out of here as soon as possible, lest more Treasure Hoarders come here.Alrani: I've no idea how long it'll take to get from here to Wangshu Inn. I can only hope that Soraya hasn't already left by the time I get there.Alrani: *sigh* If only Soraya could be my tutor...
• Collect the treasure
AlraniAlrani: My notes... thank goodness, my notes are still intact.Alrani: Huh? You haven't found it yet? The treasure is buried beneath the giant golden tree in the middle of Lingju Pass.
PaimonPaimon: Huh. This bonfire's been put out for a long time. The person who camped here seems to be gone, too.
PaimonPaimon: Yikes... It looks like there was a big fight here. Everything's a mess!
PaimonPaimon: Eh? Someone's carved words here.Paimon: "They're taking me up the mountain. Save me."Paimon: That must be our scholar. Come on, let's get up that mountain!
PaimonPaimon: Maybe the scholar who camped out here really did get into trouble.Paimon: Let's look around. We might find some clues!Paimon: Besides, this scholar was researching this place for so long. She probably knows this place super well!Paimon: If there was treasure in here, she might have...
• Look for the missing scholar
PaimonPaimon: This diary seems to belong to a scholar.Paimon: It seems that some Treasure Hoarders had their eyes on her... Paimon hopes she was able to leave safely.

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