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Trails in Tianqiu

Trails in Tianqiu
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionThere is a strange tablet in Tianqiu Valley that seems to relate some of the valley's history...
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Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
Ancient TabletAncient Tablet: "At Tianqiu Valley the adepti's ancient trail grows cold, I fall down and weep at the ruins I see. Though defeated is mighty Azhdaha of old, there's no restoring this past land of beauty."
PaimonPaimon: Ugh... The words on this tablet are really hard to read.Paimon: So this a ruin, but it's also an adepti's trail, but it's also a ruin. Which is it?Paimon: Still, it says here that "At Tianqiu Valley the adepti's ancient trail grows cold." That means we can be sure that the event the stone tablet mentions must have happened at Tianqiu Valley.Paimon: Guess we've got no choice but to have a look around. Maybe we'll find something.
• Unlock the secret of Tianqiu Valley
• Defeat the Treasure Hoarders
• Collect the treasure

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