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In the Aftermath

In the Aftermath
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionHuffman has his hands full with the cleanup work that followed the storm...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
RequiresEnding Note
Adventure EXP x 100
Mora x 20000
Guide to Ballad x 1
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
HuffmanHuffman: There's still so much cleaning up to do...
Huffman: As I'm sure you're aware, we faced continuous attacks from bands of monsters for the entire duration of the Stormterror incident.Huffman: Although the Stormterror incident is now resolved, and we've successfully fended off the monsters...Huffman: The monsters erected quite a substantial number of barricades outside the city over the course of their raids.Huffman: So while the monsters themselves have been fought back... these barricades aren't about to disappear of their own accord.Huffman: We can't just leave them here indefinitely, especially now that things are returning to business as usual in the city.Huffman: Unfortunately, the Knights are short-staffed and there's simply no-one to take on the task. As our Honorary Knight, would you be willing to clear up the barricades?
HuffmanHuffman: *sigh* If we just had a couple more people on hand...
Huffman: Maintaining the city's defenses, helping with the rebuilding effort, and a whole host of other odd jobs.Huffman: Every last knight we have is up to their eyeballs in work right now.Huffman: For once, guard duty at the main gate is the relatively easy job.
Huffman: In fact, we're lucky to have had their assistance from the outset. At first, they were helping find and rescue victims in the city, more recently they've been keeping watch on monster activity further afield.Huffman: When the monsters began gathering near to the city, it was thanks to the adventurers who carried out early reconnaissance and reported back to us that we were able to make specific and effective plans for the defense effort.Huffman: Even now, they are hard at work supporting all our efforts to get the city back on its feet. Honestly, without them, the Knights would be starting to crumble under the load.Huffman: I must make time to thank Cyrus properly...
• Patrol the area and clear any obstacles
• Defeat all opponents and clear the obstacles
• Patrol the area and clear any obstacles
• Defeat all opponents and dismantle their camp
• Patrol the area and clear any obstacles
• Defeat all opponents and dismantle the camp
• Report back to Huffman
HuffmanHuffman: How's your progress? Finished clearing the area yet?
Huffman: Fantastic. You've been an enormous help, who knows how much longer those ugly things would've been stood there otherwise...Huffman: Honorary Knight, please accept these as an expression of my gratitude.

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