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Solo Venture

Solo Venture
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionWhile investigating the movements of monsters at the Thousand Winds Temple, Jack was discovered due to his recklessness and attacked. Jack somehow made it back to Mondstadt, but he seems to have left something important behind at the Temple...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
RequiresThat Green Fellow
Adventure EXP x 100
Mora x 6000
Adventurer's Experience x 4
Teyvat Fried Egg x 5
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Jack
JackJack: This is bad... This is really bad...
Jack: Oh, you're... the traveler. *sigh* You must have seen the storm that hit us, too. All of Mondstadt's a mess right now.Jack: Cyrus said that we need to stop monsters from taking this opportunity to attack us. So he put out commissions for adventurers to scout their movements out.Jack: My next commission was to observe the monsters around the Thousand Winds Temple, so I confirmed my tasking and left.Jack: At the Temple, I saw a large group of monsters gathering together, and I tried to get a closer look...Jack: But I didn't expect to be discovered almost immediately upon getting closer. If a passing adventurer hadn't come to my rescue, I wouldn't have made it.Jack: We left the Thousand Winds Temple for fear of being attacked by more monsters, and came back to Mondstadt.Jack: And that's when I realized... that I had left my Adventurer Handbook and map at the Temple.Jack: But there's no way I can go to get it back like this...Jack: Traveler, would you be willing to help me go to the Thousand Winds Temple and retrieve my map and Adventurer Handbook?
Jack: Thank you so much. *sigh* Honestly, it's a bit embarrassing...
Jack: Ugh, this is a bit embarrassing... Do you know of the Adventurer Rank Rating?Jack: I thought that if I could show my stuff a bit more, I could get through the rating process safely.Jack: But I never thought that... *sigh* Please, help me get my map and Adventurer Handbook back.Jack: I need to be more careful in future...
• Go to the Thousand Winds Temple and look for Jack's lost items
• Go to the Thousand Winds Temple and look for Jack's lost items
JackJack: I need to be more cautious in the future.Jack: But not too careful, because... *sigh*
• Report back to Jack
JackJack: Did you manage to find them?
Jack: Whew, that's a relief. I've always been using this map, so I've put down a lot of markings onto it. Losing it would have been a disaster.Jack: And if I had really lost my handbook, I don't know how I would have asked Katheryne for a new one.Jack: I mean, what a joke, for an adventurer to lose their handbook during an adventure...Jack: Thanks, I'll keep these things close from now on. Please take these as a token of my appreciation.

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