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Will of Stone

Will of Stone
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionMillelith soldier Jiayi wants to send a gift to his daughter, Little Liu, but he has no time to return to Qingce Village, and as such is looking for someone to help him out...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
RequiresThe Chi of Guyun
The Chi of Guyun
Adventure EXP x 100
Mora x 30000
Hero's Wit x 7
Qingce Stir Fry x 5
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Jiayi
JiayiJiayi: Ah, it's been a long time since I was last at Qingce Village. Little Liu, Daddy misses you so much...
Jiayi: Oh, it's you, traveler. Thanks for your concern. Nothing's wrong. I just... miss my daughter.Jiayi: I told her that once this shift ended, I'd take leave to spend some time with her for a few days at Qingce Village.Jiayi: But who knew that such a huge thing would suddenly happen in Liyue Harbor. Not only was every soldier on leave recalled, but everyone at their post has also had their leave canceled.Jiayi: Now we have to man our stations all day. Forget taking leave, I need to find someone who can take over my post even if I want to get a sip of water.Jiayi: I'd prepared my gifts, too — a huge bag of toys... But what shall I do with it now?Jiayi: That's right! Traveler, could I ask you to bring these toys to my daughter, Little Liu? She stays at Qingce Village. If you ask Granny Ruoxin, you're sure to find her.
• Talk to Granny Ruoxin
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: Oh, where has that child run off to...
Granny Ruoxin: Are you looking for her? *sigh* What perfectly terrible timing. I don't know where's she's gone.Granny Ruoxin: She received a letter that her father asked someone to send over from Liyue Harbor that stated that he'd be back soon.Granny Ruoxin: Little Liu was so happy. She said she wanted to prepare a gift for her father, and roped some other children into picking fruits and flowers...Granny Ruoxin: But a few days afterward, he sent word, saying that he had a last-minute assignment and wouldn't be able to return.Granny Ruoxin: She threw a tantrum, and nothing we said could dissuade her from insisting that she would go to Liyue Harbor herself, since her father wasn't coming.Granny Ruoxin: We thought it a joke for a while. But this morning, she was gone.Granny Ruoxin: *sigh* We've already sent people out to look for her, but if you're willing, you can join in as well.
Granny Ruoxin: I apologize for the trouble. *sigh* This child...
Granny Ruoxin: I doubt she could go far. She's probably still close by, but the wilds are a dangerous place... Please, find her quickly.
• Find Little Liu
• Defeat all opponents
• Talk to Little Liu
Little LiuLittle Liu: Are you here to catch me and take me back to Qingce Village?
Little Liu: Hmph. So you are here to catch me. Well, I'm not going back.Little Liu: Go back and tell the villagers that I'm going to Liyue Harbor to look for Daddy.Little Liu: They don't have to worry. Once I find him, I'll just talk to him for a while, then I'll come back.
Little Liu: I don't need anything from you. You're just trying to bribe me.Little Liu: Go back and tell the villagers that I'm going to Liyue Harbor to look for Daddy.Little Liu: They don't have to worry. Once I find him, I'll just talk to him for a while, then I'll come back.
• Catch up to Little Liu (if she gets more than 30m away, the quest will be failed)
• Defeat all opponents
• Talk to Little Liu
Little LiuLittle Liu: What are you following me for, anyway? I said, I'm going to Liyue Harbor!Little Liu: I'll get around these monsters myself. They won't find me.Little Liu: Don't treat me like a kid! I'm a grown-up now!
Little Liu: From Daddy? Did he ask you to send it over...Little Liu: I'm sure it's more things for children to play with... if it's not kites, it's dolls.
Little Liu: ...I do. It's something Daddy gave me. How could I not like it?Little Liu: But if I always like these things, doesn't that mean that I'll always be a kid?Little Liu: If I keep playing with them, when will I become an adventurer, or get my own Vision?
Little Liu: If I had a Vision, I'd be able to do so many things, whether it be making money or something else...Little Liu: Then, Daddy wouldn't have to work in Liyue Harbor all the time. He could come back and spend time with me.Little Liu: Right now, I can't even go to Liyue Harbor myself without a Vision...Little Liu: But since Daddy has already sent you here with his presents, I might just be giving him more trouble by going to look for him.Little Liu: I had presents ready for him too. I wanted to give him a surprise... But I can't take them to him now.Little Liu: If only someone could help me do that... It's alright. I'm going back. There's no need to follow me, I know the way home.
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: You've returned. Thank you for your help. Little Liu has already returned, and with quite the bag of things, too.
Granny Ruoxin: Did he, now... But still, what Little Liu really wants is for him to come back in person.Granny Ruoxin: That child really has grown up like the bamboo around the village. Blink, and you'll miss just how much she's grown.Granny Ruoxin: The days when your child is young will never return again once you miss them...
• Talk to Little Liu
Little LiuLittle Liu: Dolls... kites... pinwheels. Daddy sent these again, just like I thought.Little Liu: *sigh* It's just a shame that I wasn't able to send him my gifts too.
Little Liu: You'll help me? Well... Even though you don't have a Vision either, it looked like those monsters didn't give you a hard time at all.Little Liu: I guess we'll have to do it this way, then. Thank you.Little Liu: *sigh* If only I could be as strong as you...
• Talk to Jiayi
JiayiJiayi: *sigh* I was counting down the days before I'd be able to go back. Just two or three days more...Jiayi: With all the leave I've saved up until this point, I could have spent over a week together with Little Liu.Jiayi: But with but one order, all our leaves were canceled. Even the people on leave were recalled.Jiayi: In my experience, this means at least another month without any hope of returning to Qingce Village. What terrible luck...
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: That Jiayi, too. How could he just cancel on his daughter like that...Granny Ruoxin: She doesn't see him any more than a few times a year. Is this how a father should behave?
Granny Ruoxin: That's what he says every year. I've lost count of the number of times he's said that...
Granny Ruoxin: Well, it's also his job to take care of his daughter. Little Liu is growing up day by day.Granny Ruoxin: If he's not careful, she'll be the one going out to work by the time he returns.Granny Ruoxin: This father and his daughter just can't get together, can they?
JiayiJiayi: Have you handed the presents to Little Liu yet?
Jiayi: That's good. Those toys are her favorite. Thank you — please take these as a token of my thanks.
Jiayi: I want to go back too. But with Liyue Harbor in this state, I don't think that's possible for the time being.Jiayi: Still, thank you so much. I hope those presents will improve her mood a bit — they are her favorites, after all.Jiayi: Please, take this as thanks.
• Talk to Jiayi
JiayiJiayi: Have you handed the presents to Little Liu yet?
Jiayi: This... is from Little Liu, for me? So many... How much work did she have to put in...Jiayi: I want nothing more than to drop everything and run back to Qingce Village right now. But the Ministry of Civil Affairs would...Jiayi: Thank you once again. Take these as thanks, please.Jiayi: *sigh* I have no idea when this whole affair will be over, or when the Ministry will approve my leave, either...
Little LiuLittle Liu: If only I had a Vision! With it, I could do so many things, whether it's making money or whatever...Little Liu: At least, I would have no trouble making it to Liyue on my own.Little Liu: But, how do I get my hands on one...

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