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TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionThe storm has just ended, and Cyrus from the Adventurers' Guild is currently planning to clear the Treasure Hoarders out...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
RequiresTime Waits For No Man
Not to be Missed
Adventure EXP x 100
Mora x 16000
Guide to Resistance x 2
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Cyrus
CyrusCyrus: Hmph. It's high time we took care of these crooks...
Cyrus: When that storm from before had just appeared, the Knights and the Adventurers' Guild sprang into action.Cyrus: But as we were busy with evacuation and rescue work, it seems as though some Treasure Hoarders managed to sneak in amid the chaos.Cyrus: These thieves took advantage of that moment when we were stretched thin, and managed to steal quite a few things throughout the city.Cyrus: Carrots from the Dawn Winery, Philanemo Mushrooms from Springvale, a stack of silverware from the Goth Grand Hotel... Hmph, they've even stolen some of the food stocked in the Good Hunter's larder.Cyrus: If it's not nailed down, these bandits will take it. Why, if this storm hadn't subsided so quickly, I doubt there'd be anything left in Mondstadt to steal.Cyrus: We've got enough hands on deck again, but looking for those things may prove very difficult. The speed at which they flee with their loot is only surpassed by their ability to fence it.Cyrus: Still, we must make them pay.Cyrus: Honorary Knight. If you're willing, would you like to have a little chat with those Treasure Hoarders?
• Defeat the Treasure Hoarders near to the Dawn Winery
CyrusCyrus: Hmph, these Treasure Hoarders... What a persistent pack of rats they are.
• Defeat the Treasure Hoarders guarding the camps
• Talk to Cyrus
CyrusCyrus: You're back. Have you wiped their camps out yet?
Cyrus: As I thought, it was child's play for you, Honorary Knight.Cyrus: I will admit that these Treasure Hoarders are quite persistent. Everyone was running for cover during the storm. They, by contrast, had the daring to run out and steal things.Cyrus: If only they had used that perseverance for something proper instead...

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