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The Great Mountain Survey

The Great Mountain Survey
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionThe environmentalist Esther and the expedition team with her were set upon by monsters while performing a mountain survey, with the larger part of her survey beacons being lost in the process. She is currently looking for someone who can get them back for her...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
RequiresIn the Mountains
In the Mountains
UnlocksThe Great Mountain Survey II
Adventure EXP x 300
Primogem x 40
Hero's Wit x 2
Mora x 20000
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Esther
EstherEsther: This is terrible... What am I going to do...
Esther: It's my beacons! I've gone and left a whole load of them up on the mountain!Esther: There's no way I can continue my research now... *sigh* And after all the money I spent on them, too...
Esther: Well, I wanted to do some research into conditions on the mountain — the climate, the environment, and so on. So, I invested in an expensive set of survey beacons.Esther: Then, I scaled the mountain with a team of explorers. I was just putting the beacons in place when we were set upon by a huge group of monsters — they came out of nowhere...Esther: I didn't manage to grab them all before I left. The explorers insisted that we leave immediately.Esther: They also said they're not going back up there any time soon... But what about my beacons? The monsters will smash them to pieces!Esther: Can you go and collect them for me? Please, I promise they're very easy to find.
Esther: Thank you a thousand times over! No, a million times!
Esther: Oh, uh... a reward, of course! I'll make it worth your while, I swear...Esther: So, thanks in advance.
• Retrieve the survey beacons
EstherEsther: There's no way this is enough beacons to survey the whole mountain...
• Talk to Esther
EstherEsther: Did you find my beacons?
Esther: Let me see... Yes, these are the ones, alright!Esther: Ugh, look at the state of them... Those monsters clearly weren't gentle with them. But thankfully, they're not completely ruined.Esther: *sigh* Still, I guess I won't be using them in the near future... Ah, can't be helped. I will have to make do with a smaller-scale survey...Esther: I have some other beacons here. Could you set them up on the mountain for me?
Esther: ...Is that a yes? I'll take that as a yes! Thanks! I'll mark the spot on the map for you.Esther: ...There. I've marked them all out. Just put the beacons in those general areas.Esther: Make sure to put them up in high spots. The higher the altitude, the more accurate the survey.
Esther: I don't dare... If not even a whole team of explorers could stand up to those monsters, I'm certainly not going back up there alone.Esther: I can't find any other explorers planning a trip up there at the moment, but I also can't delay this indefinitely.Esther: So, you're the only chance I've got. Seeing as you managed to fetch my beacons back so effortless last time, I think you're more than up to the task.Esther: Thanks once again. I'll be sure to compensate you well!Esther: Wait, let me mark the locations on the map for you...Esther: ...There. I've marked them all out. Just put the beacons in those general areas.Esther: Make sure to put them up in high spots. The higher the altitude, the more accurate the survey.
EstherEsther: This beacon is useless... So's this one...
• Place the survey beacons
• Place the survey beacons
• Report back to Esther
EstherEsther: Are all the beacons in place?
Esther: Wonderful, that is an enormous help. Take these — along with my thanks, once again, for everything.Esther: Ugh, with so few beacons for the survey, who knows if I'll be able to turn up anything of interest...
• Place the survey beacons
• Place the survey beacons

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