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Mutual Exchange

Mutual Exchange
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionYou go with Ella Musk to communicate with the hilichurls. Perhaps this might be the start of a new friendship...?
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Hilichurl Justice
Sharp Arrowhead x 1
Firm Arrowhead x 2
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to the other hilichurl willing to make conversation
Hilichurl, Ella MuskHilichurl: Ya!Ella Musk: Mimi ika yaya nye! Mimi tomo, mimi mani ye.Hilichurl: Mani. Mi muhe mani. Unu du mani! Hahahahaha.Ella Musk: This one just told a joke in Hilichurlian, then laughed at its own joke. They must have such a spiritually impoverished existence... Poor things.Hilichurl: Mi muhe kucha gusha. Kucha gusha dada. Unu gusha dada!Ella Musk: He wants to... Actually, never mind, you can find everything you need to know inside the handbook.
• Give an item to the hilichurl
HilichurlHilichurl: Mi muhe unu boya gusha.
Hilichurl, PaimonHilichurl: Yeye dada! Mosi mita!Hilichurl: Hahahaha, kucha gusha unu gusha. Unu kucha si!Hilichurl: Wei? Odomu tomo zido mi! Mosi aba nunu!Paimon: Mosi aba nunu... Does the handbook say what that phrase means?
Hilichurl: Valo, mi tomo!
Hilichurl: Valo, mi tomo!
Hilichurl, PaimonHilichurl: Nye nye nye. Kucha, gusha. Hahahaha. Kucha gusha, kucha, gusha. Hahaha.Paimon: That didn't seem right.

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