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Mutual Exchange

Mutual Exchange
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionYou go with Ella Musk to communicate with the hilichurls. Perhaps this might be the start of a new friendship...?
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Hilichurl Justice
Sharp Arrowhead x 1
Firm Arrowhead x 2
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to the other hilichurl willing to make conversation
Hilichurl, Ella MuskHilichurl: Yoyo dala si?Ella Musk: Mimi tomo. Mimi mani ye.Hilichurl: Yoyo mani mi? Mi muhe Upa Celi nini. Mi muhe mi nunu si, mi muhe mi nye.Ella Musk: It says it doesn't want to see the sun. It wants to fall asleep and never wake up again... Goodness knows what could be causing it so much anguish.Hilichurl: Biat. Mi muhe celi lata. Mi nunu nye.Ella Musk: Hmm, why don't we try giving it something it wants, to try and make it feel better?
• Give an item to the hilichurl
HilichurlHilichurl: Mi muhe celi lata.
Hilichurl, PaimonHilichurl: Yeye dada.Hilichurl: Wei? Du odomu tomo zido mi si, du zido unta nunu!Paimon: Unta nunu... It's trying to tell us the time, right?
Hilichurl: Valo, mi tomo!Paimon: Valo!
Hilichurl: Valo, mi tomo!Paimon: Valo!
HilichurlHilichurl: Nye nye nye!

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