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Hilichurl Justice

Hilichurl Justice
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionYou prepare to help a bullied hilichurl to even the score together with Ella Musk. With any luck, this may lead you to some new clues...
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Mutual Exchange
Sharp Arrowhead x 1
Firm Arrowhead x 2
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to the other hilichurl willing to make conversation
Hilichurl, Ella MuskHilichurl: Odomu! Ya dala?Ella Musk: Mimi tomo, Odomu nye! Muhe mani?Hilichurl: Mani? Mani! Yoyo mani mi?Ella Musk: Dada! Muhe mani yeye!Hilichurl: Dada! Mosi mita!Hilichurl: Dada odomu! Kundala dada! Kundala zido, mi dada!Ella Musk: Ya zido? Ye? Mi?Hilichurl: Mi!Ella Musk: I'm guessing that based on your experience over the past few days, you should be quite clear what this one wants. Thanks in advance.Ella Musk: The location is marked on the map. Hope you manage to find what you've been looking for this time!Hilichurl: Dada, Valo!
• Go to the designated location for a fight
HilichurlHilichurl: Dala?
• Report back to the hilichurl
Hilichurl, PaimonHilichurl: Yeye dada! Mosi mita!Hilichurl: Odomu tomo zido mi! Mi mani yeye! Aba mosi dada!Paimon: Aba mosi dada... If you can't remember what it means, you can just check the handbook, right?
Hilichurl: Valo, tomo!Paimon: Valo!
Hilichurl: Valo, tomo!Paimon: Valo!

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