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Margaret’s Longing

Margaret's Longing
Requires AR34
Is Part ofLeo Minor Chapter: Act I
DescriptionWhile Jean is ill from overwork, you've been tasked with handling some citizens' commissions on her behalf. Where has Margaret's pet cat Prince run off to this time?
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
When the West Wind Arises
Charles' Troubles
Sara's Worries
Charles' Troubles
Sara's Worries
Master's Day Off
RequiresWhen the West Wind Arises
UnlocksMaster's Day Off
Adventure EXP x 300
Mora x 18000
Hero's Wit x 2
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 4
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Margaret
Venti: ...So, yours is the cat that went missing.
Paimon: Venti! Have you come to help?
Venti: Me, here to help you? Why, on the contrary, it is I who needs helping!
Paimon: But Paimon just saw you talking to Margaret about Prince...
Venti: Aha! So, Prince is the name of the feline fiend who thieved my spare astral iron strings!
Venti: Though it gladdens my heart to see that the free-spirited ethos of Mondstadt is alive and well in creatures great and small... Still, it's a bit audacious!
Margaret: Haha, Prince is a mischievous little rascal alright!
Paimon: Indeed. Just like Barbatos...
Venti: Ahaha, yes, quite... quite... Ahem! Now, let's see about getting ourselves an audience with his little highness, Prince Rascal of Mondstadt!
Venti: I have a performance tonight, and without my spare strings, I shall have to disappoint my audience.
Paimon: What would a kitty cat want with lyre strings anyway?
Margaret: Everyone knows cats go crazy for a ball of string!
Paimon: What!?
Venti: These lyre strings are made of astral iron, which contains Anemo energy. That makes them extremely durable, so I normally just roll them up in a ball to make them easier to carry.
Venti: That's a trick of the trade from a traveling bard!
Paimon: The strings contain Anemo energy?
Paimon: #That'll help us! {NICKNAME}, it's time for you to use your Elemental Sight again!
Margaret: Prince should be somewhere around the Marketplace. Remember, he's got black fur.
• Find Margaret and ask about her commission
Margaret: Where have you been looking?
Margaret: Prince should be somewhere around the Marketplace. Remember, he's got black fur.
• Find Prince
KittenKitten: Meow!
Paimon: Wow, Prince has very keen senses. It didn't take much to scare him off.
Paimon: See if you can approach him crouching from behind. That way, your footsteps will be quieter.
Paimon: It must be difficult not being able to float, hee-hee.
Paimon: If you're anxious to find Prince, why not coax him to you with some Fish? Kitty cats do love eating fish.
Paimon: If you've run out of Fish, go grab some more from the lake. Now, back to it!
Paimon: Drat! He's run off again.
Paimon: But where is he going? Hmm, Paimon wonders if...
• Complete Margaret's commission
Margaret: Prince! Good boy, that's my Prince, I knew you'd come home to me...
• Complete Margaret's commission
Margaret: Prince! Where did you go running off to? Thank goodness you're safe...
Paimon: He made sure we had our work cut out for us looking for him.
Margaret: Oh Princey, how could you leave me like that...
Paimon: Looks like those two need some time to themselves...
Paimon: And here are your astral iron strings, Venti.
Venti: You found them! Wonderful! I was not optimistic they would turn up.
Venti: I daresay that a private performance played using these very same strings would not be an excessive way to show my gratitude! ...Ah, ah...
Paimon: Ah what?
Venti: ACHOO!
Venti: *cough* Haha... Apologies. At this distance, my cat allergy seems to be rearing its head...
Paimon: Oh, now Paimon gets why you didn't go looking for your strings by yourself...
Venti: Hehe, anyway, thanks for the help, I'll be going now— a—achoo!

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