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When the West Wind Arises

When the West Wind Arises
Requires AR34
Is Part ofLeo Minor Chapter: Act I
DescriptionSara from the Good Hunter restaurant appears to have a request for the Knights of Favonius...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Margaret's Longing
Charles' Troubles
Sara's Worries
RequiresEnding Note
A Very Volatile Treasure
UnlocksMargaret's Longing
Charles' Troubles
Sara's Worries
Adventure EXP x 1950
Mora x 117425
Hero's Wit x 14
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 25
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Sara about her problem
• Talk to Sara
Paimon: It's Sara from Good Hunter!
Sara: The customers are getting hungry. Please be quick.
• Talk to Charles
Charles: What do you think this is, kiddo, a fruit juice store?
Paimon: Hmph. How rude! Especially since we're here to HELP!
Charles: Help? Oh yes, you're the Acting Grand Master's new hotshot helper, aren't you?
Paimon: Uh... That's one way of putting it, but—
Charles: Great. Tell Jean I need my quarterly tax return forms then.
Charles: It's time to get Elzer onto doing the accounts again... I must say though, the tax rate on alcohol in Mondstadt is pretty steep.
Charles: That's mostly down to Master Diluc's successful business model.
Paimon: Why are the accounts with Jean? Does she do bookkeeping now too?
Charles: Acting Grand Master Jean personally goes over all the accounts.
Charles: After all, the wine industry is Mondstadt's main source of income. Jean takes great pains to make sure no detail is overlooked.
Paimon: Paimon never knew that. Jean's job is even harder than it seems.
Charles: The Acting Grand Master's hard work indeed makes our lives a whole lot easier.
Charles: We're certainly very lucky, but... to put it bluntly, we just take it for granted that that's the norm now.
Paimon: Wow... How do you sleep at night knowing how much pressure you put Jean under?
Charles: *sigh* When you put it like that I do feel quite ashamed... I suppose I should give her one on the house next time she's here.
Charles: Although... I doubt the Acting Grand Master even has the time to spare for that.
Paimon: Sounds like a poor excuse to deny Jean a free drink...
Paimon: #Come on {NICKNAME}, let's go and see Jean.
Charles: Jean's overworked? Yes, relatively speaking you guys have a lot more time on your hands.
• Pass the citizens' commissions on to Jean
Margaret: Hey, you two!
Paimon: Margaret! What are you doing here?
Margaret: My cat's gone missing. Have you seen it?
Margaret: No, not her. I imagine Diona's probably still in the tavern.
Margaret: I mean little Princey. Prince was just home, now he's gone.
Paimon: Did you seriously think Diona was a house cat!?
Margaret: This is a bit worrying. What if Prince can't find his way home?
Paimon: But we are on our way to an urgent meeting with Jean. Sorry.
Paimon: #Naw, {NICKNAME}. You're always such a big softie. But aren't we in the middle of something?
Paimon: Sara and Charles need our help urgently, too. Let's go and see Jean first.
Margaret: You're on the way to see Jean? What a coincidence.
Paimon: Paimon thought you were looking for a cat?
Margaret: Yes, I wanted to see if Jean could help look for my cat.
Paimon: Seriously? You want Jean... to help you look for your cat?
Margaret: What's wrong with that?
Margaret: Jean's a really nice person.
Margaret: Please mention it to Jean for me. I'll treat you to a brew at Cat's Tail later.
Paimon: Hey, HEY!
Paimon: Ugh, unbelievable! Guess the case of Prince the missing cat is now added to the agenda for our meeting with Jean.
Margaret: Prince should be somewhere around the Marketplace. It's a black cat you're looking for.
• Talk to Jean
Jean: *cough*...
Paimon: Acting Grand Master—
Jean: ...
Paimon: Oh, ahh— Master Jean?
Jean: ...
Jean: Oh! It's our Honorary Knight. Sorry, I must have been daydreaming.
Jean: How can I assist?
Paimon: Actually, it's not us who need your help. It's a bunch of other people...
Jean: I see. Well, thank you for your service to the people of Mondstadt. *cough*
Jean: I have made a note of these commissions in my files and I will... make arrangements...
Jean: ...accordingly.
Paimon: Great.
Paimon: We didn't miss out anyone's commissions, did we?
Paimon: Sara's hilichurls, Charles' tax return, Margaret's cat... Seems that's everything.
Paimon: We'll be on our way then, Jean— Jean?
Paimon: Jean! Are you okay!?
• Ask Barbara about Jean's condition
Paimon: How's Jean holding up? Is it serious?
Barbara: It's just burnout from work stress. She'll be fine after a good old rest.
Barbara: Thanks for bringing her here — she may have tried to keep soldiering on otherwise.
Paimon: It's not a surprise though, she does have a lot to get through every day.
Barbara: Poor Jean. She has always been one to push herself too hard while overlooking her own needs.
Barbara: This isn't the first time something like this has happened.
Barbara: Oh, ah... You think so? I—I mean, she's the Acting Grand Master and all, we can't have her collapsing all the time now can we...
Barbara: S—So y'know, it's not like this is a personal... thing, it's just out of love for— concern for... the greater good! Yes, that's it!
Paimon: What's up with Barbara... Weird~
Barbara: #...Anyway, you're an honorary knight, aren't you {NICKNAME}?
Barbara: While the Master is down, the knights should share her burden, no?
Paimon: That's a very good point, but... Shouldn't one of the fully-qualified knights do that?
Barbara: Jean has so much to do, an extra pair of hands can't hurt.
Barbara: You should go and check in at the headquarters. Jean will be fine with just me here.
Paimon: Paimon feels like she's trying to get rid of us...
Barbara: Hmm?
Paimon: #Nothing! We'll leave you to it — come on {NICKNAME}, let's go.
• Return to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters
Barbara: I already told you, I can take care of Jean on my own. Please help Jean out by completing her tasks.
Paimon: Oh, it's Kaeya.
Kaeya: I've been waiting for you.
Kaeya: I have been informed about Jean falling ill. On behalf of all of the Knights of Favonius, allow me to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance.
Paimon: So courteous and polite. This isn't the Kaeya Paimon knows.
Kaeya: Haha... Well, the circumstances warrant it. This is the Acting Grand Master herself we're talking about.
Kaeya: Now, in addition to that thank-you message, there was one other thing...
Kaeya: It's like you read my mind! We have quite a connection, don't you think?
Kaeya: Hahaha. I must say I like your style.
Kaeya: But before we can discuss a reward, there are some things I hope you can assist the Knights with.
Paimon: Things like helping to fill in for Jean?
Kaeya: Right. Although the commissions you reported to Jean have already been handed off to someone else...
Kaeya: ...I am concerned that they will not be handled with due care without Jean's personal touch.
Kaeya: So I am hoping that you can help out where you see fit.
Kaeya: I will feel much more at ease knowing that the Honorary Knight is personally overseeing these cases.
Paimon: #You can flatter {NICKNAME} all you want, but answer Paimon this — why don't YOU do it!?
Kaeya: Haha... Oh, I have far more important matters to attend to. There are so many things to... to prepare.
Paimon: Hmph. Fine then. So it's Sara, Charles and Margaret's stuff you want us to help with, right?
Kaeya: Those are the ones. I appreciate the help. See you later!
• Find Margaret and ask about the commission
• Find Charles and ask about the commission
• Find Sara and ask about the commission
• Complete all commissions.

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