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The Illumiscreen: III

The Illumiscreen: III
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionBrother Qian from the Liyue Adventurers' Guild is still inviting people to try playing with the Illumiscreen...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Primogem x 30
Mora x 20000
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Brother Qian at night (21:00 – 05:00)
Brother QianBrother Qian: If you'd like to have a try, please come back at nighttime.
• Talk to Brother Qian
Brother QianBrother Qian: Try the Illumiscreen...
Brother Qian: You bet! And since you solved both the previous ones so easily, I've swapped the lanterns for the most difficult ones available.Brother Qian: The same principle applies — you combine three images to make one whole. The difficulty is in the fact that they're linked together this time.Brother Qian: Hehe, you'll see what I mean when you give it a try. This time, you're looking for a divine crane.Brother Qian: Once you've got the images to align, you can go find the treasure.
• Complete "Illumiscreen: Crane"
Brother QianBrother Qian: This time, try and make a crane.
• Examine "Illumiscreen: Crane"
Brother QianBrother Qian: Wow. You, um, did it.Brother Qian: All in a day's work for you, huh? I gotta say, you're one heck of an adventurer.Brother Qian: Go take a look at the screens. You'll find all the treasure clues in there.
Brother QianBrother Qian: The treasure has all been prepared specially by the Guild. Happy hunting.
• Talk to Brother Qian
Brother QianBrother Qian: How is the treasure hunt going?
Brother Qian: Wow, you managed to decipher all three images... That's impressive...Brother Qian: Ahem. The Guild has prepared an extra-special gift for you on account of you being such an accomplished adventurer.Brother Qian: See those chests? Go ahead and open them. The contents are all for you.
Brother Qian: Yep, there'll be squat left for anyone else. That's adventuring for you! Finders keepers.Brother Qian: Alright then, happy Lantern Rite. Have a good one.
• Find the treasure area indicated by the Illumiscreen
• Find the treasure area indicated by the Illumiscreen
• Find the treasure area indicated by the Illumiscreen
• Open the chest just opposite of Brother Qian
• Find the treasure
• Find the treasure
• Find the treasure

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