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Mondstadters in Liyue

Mondstadters in Liyue
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionFreki and Geri are getting a little homesick...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Primogem x 30
Mora x 20000
Festive Fever x 100
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Freki
FrekiGeri: But how do we make Xiao Lanterns? Do you have any idea, Freki?Freki: Nope, no idea... Should we get someone else to make one for us?
Freki: Oh, it's you, Traveler. And yes, we were thinking about doing just that.Freki: We originally intended to try out the food available during the Lantern Rite. But Geri said that he also wanted to release a lantern to catch a bit of that festive spirit.Geri: W—Well, yes! I mean, you have to immerse yourself in the festive spirit first, then eat some festive food. That's the proper way to experience it!Freki: I've also heard that you can wish on those lanterns, or something... Neither of us knows how to make one, though.Freki: Traveler, could we trouble you to make one of these Xiao Lanterns for us?
Freki: Wonderful! We'll wait for you here, then.
• Give a Xiao Lantern to Freki
FrekiFreki: Have you finished making that lantern?
• Talk to Freki
FrekiFreki: Thank you. Now, this is the part where we write a wish on it, right?Freki: Hmm... So, uh, let me think. What should we write?Freki: ...That should do it. Now, as for letting the lantern carry our wishes high into the sky...Freki: Back in Mondstadt, we'd tell the dandelions what was on our minds before scattering their seeds to the wind...Geri: Now that you mention it, I do rather miss Mondstadt. It's been a while since we've seen any dandelions, too...Freki: Traveler, could you help us out again, this time to bring us some Dandelion Seeds?
Freki: Thanks for your help! Just bring them right here once you've got them.
FrekiFreki: Have you got some Dandelion Seeds?
• Give a set of Dandelions Seeds to Freki
• Talk to Freki
FrekiGeri: Thank you. Strange, we haven't been away from Mondstadt for very long, and yet we're already missing home.Freki: I wonder how everyone back home's doing...Geri: Well, now's a good time... Do you have any wishes, Freki?Freki: Me? Let me think...Freki: Well, this should do it. Traveler, I've got one more thing to ask of you.Freki: Dandelion Seeds need to be scattered from a high vantage point to fly far, but Liyue's architecture is very different from Mondstadt's, and we're not sure how to get to the high ground...Freki: Could you help us find some high ground from which to scatter these Dandelion Seeds?
Freki: We'll be leaving it to you, then.
• Find somewhere to scatter the dandelions seeds
FrekiGeri: Freki, when will we be able to return to Mondstadt?Freki: Hmm... Let's leave it a while longer. It wasn't that long ago that we left...
• Talk to Freki
FrekiFreki: Hello, Traveler. Have you scattered those Dandelion Seeds yet?
Freki: Great! Let's hope that the wind carries them all the way back to Mondstadt...Geri: Well, you were the one who said that we should blend in here... But in the end, it seems like even you can't shake your old Mondstadt habits. So, how about we go track down some Mondstadt snacks today...Freki: That won't do at all.Geri: Eh? ...Eh?Freki: Hey, now. Keeping our own customs alive and blending in here in Liyue are two completely different things. Come on, let's go release that Xiao Lantern.Freki: Have you written your wish down? Let's release this lantern and go grab some festive snacks!Geri: I—I'm done writing my wish... but do we really have to eat more local snacks?Freki: Haha, of course! Liyue's Lantern Rite specialty snacks, here we come! We mustn't miss out!

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