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Qingce’s Lanterns

Qingce's Lanterns
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionSomething seems to be bothering Granny Ruoxin from Qingce Village...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Primogem x 30
Mora x 20000
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Discarded
• Discarded
Little YouLittle You: Ugh, I still can't catch my shadow.
Little You: We get to release the Xiao Lanterns tonight? Awesome! Lemme go tell my big brother!Little You: I heard grandpa say that we get to make a wish when we release the lanterns. Is that true?Little You: I have a big wish that I've been thinking about for a long time now...
Little You: It's that I... Ah wait, I shouldn't tell you... Grandpa says that if we tell others our wishes, they'll never come true.Little You: Just wait till I tell my big brother, I'm sure he'll have a wish too!Little You: Oh wait, it seems we have to write our wish on a lantern... So I guess just thinking about it won't be enough.
• Talk to Granny Ruoxin
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: *sigh* The Lantern Rite is here once again...
Granny Ruoxin: Things should be festive and lively during the Lantern Rite, you know?Granny Ruoxin: But in Qingce Village, the elderly are too old and the young are too young.Granny Ruoxin: All those young workers that have since flocked to the big city are either too busy and can't get time off work to celebrate the festival...Granny Ruoxin: Or they're too far away to make it back home in time.Granny Ruoxin: Lantern Rite is a lively festival, it's a time when everyone should gather together to celebrate...Granny Ruoxin: Sure, I understand that it mustn't be easy for them either, but... *sigh* What about all the festivities?Granny Ruoxin: Ugh, there's no use in complaining. That's no way to celebrate...Granny Ruoxin: If you'd be so kind, I'm sure Ms. Bai could use a hand right about now.Granny Ruoxin: The young lady said that she wanted to prepare a table full of food for everyone and is already hard at work on the preparations. I'm afraid that she won't be able to manage on her own...
Granny Ruoxin: Oh, thank you. You're too kind!
Granny Ruoxin: Oh, thank you. You're too kind!
• Talk to Ms. Bai
Ms. BaiMs. Bai: Seems we still need quite a few more ingredients...: Let me lend you a hand.Ms. Bai: Huh? Oh, are you willing to help? You've come right on time! I was just starting to worry that we wouldn't manage to get all the ingredients.Ms. Bai: Let me see here... If you could, please help me get three chunks of Raw Meat and three pieces of Fowl.Ms. Bai: In the meantime, I'll think of a way to procure the other ingredients.
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: *sigh* Who knows when the young folks will finally get some time to rest...
• Help Ms. Bai prepare three servings of Raw Meat and Fowl each
Ms. BaiMs. Bai: Were you able to get those three chunks of Raw Meat and Fowl?
Ms. BaiMs. Bai: Great, that should be just enough. Ah yes, I'll also need you to help me go to Pops Kai and tell him to bring all the chairs and tables over.Ms. Bai: I plan on making lots of dishes, so if we wait too long to set up the tables, I'm afraid that the food might start getting cold.
• Talk to Pops Kai
Pops KaiPops Kai: Oh? Are you looking for me?
Pops Kai: Ah yes, the tables and chairs... I remember now. I've already prepared everything.Pops Kai: Ah, but there should still be some more inside the shop. Alrighty, let's just bring them all out then.Pops Kai: That should be enough tables and chairs for everybody.Pops Kai: I never expected that you'd come all the way here to help me.
Pops Kai: #Heh! I must say that you're quite an extraordinary young {M#man}{F#lady}... But why haven't you gone home yet? Don't you plan on celebrating with your family?
Pops Kai: No need to fret, I won't ask any further. I'm sure you have your reasons.Pops Kai: If you're willing to celebrate the festival here, you're more than welcome to join us. As they say, the more the merrier.
Pops Kai: No need to fret, I won't ask any further. I'm sure you have your reasons.Pops Kai: If you're willing to celebrate the festival here, you're more than welcome to join us. As they say, the more the merrier.
Ms. BaiMs. Bai: I think we've got just about everything we need...
• Talk to Granny Ruoxin
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: Ah, you're back. Sorry for making you do so much work on a festive day like this.
Granny Ruoxin: Thank you, you're too kind. I've also been doing my part and managed to make quite a few Xiao Lanterns for the people of Qingce Village.Granny Ruoxin: If you'd like, you can find me near the gate later this evening. We'll release the Xiao Lanterns and celebrate the festival together.Granny Ruoxin: But who knows where the children have run off to... There's no way I could go and find them with these old legs...Granny Ruoxin: Could I trouble you to round them up for me? They've always loved releasing the Xiao Lanterns.Granny Ruoxin: And be sure to tell anyone else you find along the way to head back to the village... The more the merrier, you know.
Pops KaiPops Kai: This year's festival is turning out to be quite the big one...
Little LuoLittle Luo: I wonder if Mr. Adeptus will come to Lantern Rite...
Little Luo: Oh, we'll be releasing the lanterns back at the village? Thanks for letting me know.Little Luo: If we release enough Xiao Lanterns, maybe Mr. Adeptus will come...
Chang the NinthChang the Ninth: Ah, hello. Do you need anything?
Chang the Ninth: Granny Ruoxin will be releasing the lanterns? *sigh* She'll probably start to worry if I don't show up...Chang the Ninth: Alright, thanks for letting me know. I'll make my way over there shortly. At a festival like this one... the more, the merrier.
JiangchengJiangcheng: Wife... Wife?
Jiangcheng: Xiao Lanterns? Ah yes, I remember now. Hmm, I suppose it is about time to release the lanterns.Jiangcheng: Thankfully Granny Ruoxin always remembers such traditions. Let's go make a wish together, shall we?
• Talk to Granny Ruoxin
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: You're here. Well then, let us prepare. We shall begin releasing the Xiao Lanterns once night falls.
Granny Ruoxin: Ah, you must still have others you'd like to invite then? We can wait awhile longer.
Ms. BaiMs. Bai: It's such a busy Lantern Rite this year...
Pops KaiPops Kai: This is exactly how a festival should be!
YundanYundan: Heh, thank you. Let's go release some Xiao Lanterns in a bit.
Little LiuLittle Liu: When will I get to release a Xiao Lantern...
DongdongDongdong: I wonder what food I should try...
Little LuoLittle Luo: I wonder if Mr. Adeptus will come to Lantern Rite...
Chang the NinthChang the Ninth: At a festival like this one... the more, the merrier.
JiangchengJiangcheng: Think it's about time to release a Xiao Lantern now...
• Head to the entrance of Qingce Village at night (18:00 – 00:00)
• Talk to Granny Ruoxin
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: With so many of us gathered together now, things are finally starting to feel like a festival.Granny Ruoxin: Heh, now let's release this Xiao Lantern together, shall we?Granny Ruoxin: I wish everyone excellent health and good fortune in the coming year.Granny Ruoxin: And may all the youngsters, wherever they are, see their dreams come true...Ms. Bai: Alright Granny Ruoxin, if we wait any longer, the food I prepared will start getting cold.Little Liu: Wow! Look at all the tasty food!Dongdong: Can we go now, Granny?Granny Ruoxin: Oh, children... Very well then, off you go now.
Granny Ruoxin: Oh, me? I'm in no hurry. Besides, I'd like to watch the Xiao Lanterns awhile longer.Granny Ruoxin: Which reminds me, these are for you, dear. It's my way of saying thank you for helping prepare all the festivities.
Granny Ruoxin: You're most welcome. From the looks of it, you must still be quite young. I imagine that all this running around must have left you quite tuckered out indeed...Granny Ruoxin: Why don't you stay with us for a while and join the festivities?Granny Ruoxin: It's good to have a rest after rushing about all year long...

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