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Thoughts Carried On the Wind

Thoughts Carried On the Wind
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionThe meteor shower out in the wild seems to have left Godwin all in a fluster...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Fading Star's Might x 20
Primogem x 40
Mora x 25000
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Godwin
GodwinGodwin: I wonder how Glory is getting on...
Godwin: Ah, it's you, Traveler. It's dangerous out here right now.Godwin: If you'd like to seek shelter somewhere safe, you should return to Mondstadt as soon as you can.
Godwin: Well, I... I'm staying out here for now. I am a Knight of Favonius, after all — I cannot abandon my post at a moment like this.Godwin: I can't return to Mondstadt for various reasons, but I can still stay here and help out.Godwin: After the meteorites fell down, many monsters came under their influence, becoming exceedingly aggressive.Godwin: If left unchecked, they will definitely make huge trouble for us later. I was just getting ready to wipe them out, in fact.
Godwin: Uh, so they do have great numbers... But as long as I'm careful, I should be fine.Godwin: But if I were to go alone, who knows how long it would take to defeat them.Godwin: If you don't mind, Traveler, could you help me clear their camp out?
Godwin: Thank you, that would be a great help to me.
Godwin: Ask the Knights for— Well... Suffice it to say that I have my own private troubles.Godwin: Please lend me a hand in destroying that monster camp. You may consider it as a favor done for the Knights as well.
• Clear out the hilichurl camp
GodwinGodwin: Where in the world is the Grand Master... I wonder if he's received any word that something like this has happened?Godwin: *sigh* But even if he received the news, he wouldn't be able to return so soon, either...
• Clear out the hilichurl camp
• Report back to Godwin
GodwinGodwin: Have you managed to wipe all the monsters out?
Godwin: You have my thanks, Traveler. They should cease to be a threat for now.Godwin: You should head back to the city. I'm very sorry for asking you to risk yourself out in the wild while all this is happening.Godwin: When you're back in the city... could you help me take note of something?Godwin: I—It's a very simple matter! You just need to help me look out for it.
Godwin: Well... When you're back in the city, can you help me see how Glory is doing?Godwin: She should still be safe in the city, but I can't help but worry.Godwin: So could you check in on her for me, please?
Godwin: Thank you, Traveler. Oh, yes — could you also refrain from telling her that I'm here? Just... just tell her that I'm still on a mission in a faraway land.Godwin: I'm sorry, but I'm counting on you — you must tell her this. Again, my apologies, but I cannot share our private troubles with you.
• Go to Mondstadt and look for Glory
GloryGlory: I do hope Godwin is alright...
Glory: Godwin? D—Do you know where he is? I haven't heard from him in a good long while, and I've been worried.
Glory: Oh... I see. Alright then.Glory: If not for these meteorites, I would have asked after his whereabouts with the Knights...Glory: I've been staying inside the city, so I've been safe so far. But he's probably still out there accomplishing his mission. If this phenomenon is occurring all over the world...Glory: *sigh* I hope that he's alright.
Glory: Thank you. That would be wonderful. Oh, yes. Could you help me with something?Glory: I purchased a set of Dandelion Seeds from Flora, and I was looking for someone to help me scatter them from a high vantage point... to let the wind carry them to Godwin.Glory: But things being as they are, I don't think I'll be able to find someone who can help me at the moment.Glory: Since you're here, could you help me bring these Dandelion Seeds to Godwin?
Glory: Thank you. He must be in a very faraway place right now. He did set out on that expedition with the Grand Master, after all.Glory: Please take these Dandelion Seeds to him and tell him that I'm doing well. And then... remind him to take good care of himself.
GodwinGodwin: *sigh* If only the Grand Master could return right now — this problem would be solved in no time at all.
• Give the Dandelion Seeds to Godwin
GodwinGodwin: Traveler, did you meet Glory?Godwin: How is she? Is she well? Was she injured? Is she— Well, yes, I know that she's been in the city this entire time, but still—!
Godwin: Dandelion Seeds... That's just like her. *sigh* I hope she's not angry with me.Godwin: Thank you for helping me this time as well. Please, take these.Godwin: *sigh* If only the Grand Master could return right now — this problem would be solved in no time at all.
GloryGlory: I do hope Godwin is alright...

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