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Pontoon Parkour

Pontoon Parkour
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionAt Cider Lake, a woman explained her troubles to you.
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RequiresDragon Storm
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
Confused BystanderConfused Bystander: Ugh... My boyfriend asked me to solve a difficult problem. My head hurts just by thinking about it... Here it is: "You have 5 wood boards. Use them wisely to cross the river."Confused Bystander: Arranging the 5 wood boards next to each other can only make me go half the distance. If you were to put space between them to reach the other side, the gap would be too big for me to jump across.Confused Bystander: An adult man could jump further... I guess I can't do it after all.Confused Bystander: What do you think? How should we arrange them?
Confused BystanderConfused Bystander: If so, how should we arrange the boards?
Confused BystanderConfused Bystander: How is it going? Are you ready to tackle the challenge?
• Get to the other side within the time limit
Confused BystanderConfused Bystander: Quick! Don't waste time! Cross that river!
• Talk to passerby
Confused BystanderConfused Bystander: Awww... You couldn't reach the other side in time, just like me.
• Talk to passerby
Confused BystanderConfused Bystander: Wow! Incredible! Thanks to you, I can brag to my boyfriend now!

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