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Water Beneath the Lanterns Flows Deep

Water Beneath the Lanterns Flows Deep
Requires AR0
Is Part ofLantern Rite: Day 2
DescriptionThe most awaited moment of the Lantern Rite is the time when a giant Mingxiao Lantern released into the sky on the night of the fifth day. And the size of the Mingxiao Lantern this year is a sight that you don't want to miss, as the levitation stone used to make the giant lantern float this year is the biggest in 20 years. On this special occasion, the merchants of Liyue have prepared a Xiao Market, which was built using the same materials as the lanterns. When you arrived at the Xiao Market, the event organizer Huixin asked you for a favor...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
In the City of Geo Live the Adepti
RequiresTowards the Lanterns Origin
UnlocksIn the City of Geo Live the Adepti
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go to Xiao Market
HuixinHuixin: Oh, hello you two. Many thanks for your donation to Lantern Rite.Huixin: Today, I have another matter to discuss with you. Not a donation this time; more of a sales and purchase situation. Interested?Paimon: Sure beats working for free, like last time! Paimon's interested.Huixin: Haha, wonderful! I appreciate the help. Now, let me explain the situation...Huixin: I need two kinds of Plaustrite for official festival use.Huixin: One is called Azurite. It is occasionally found in the northern part of Mt. Tianheng.Huixin: When Azurite gets caught in the roots of ordinary vegetation, it sometimes produces Bloatty Floatties, which have floating seeds.Huixin: The other one is called Vermillionite, which is extremely dangerous as far as most people are concerned...Huixin: In Guili Plains, old Ruin Hunters who have lost the power of flight use Vermillionite to keep themselves airborne.Paimon: Got it! So, Azurite and Vermillionite, right?Huixin: (Actually, they're just blue and red varieties of Plaustrite... Gemstone merchants only gave them fancy names to try and impress their customers...)Huixin: That's right. Please get some of each for me. Good luck!
• Obtain Azurite from Bloatty Floatties
• Obtain Vermillionite from the Ruin Hunter
• Go back to Xiao Market and talk to Huixin
HuixinHuixin: Ooh... These are some fine pieces of Azurite and Vermillionite!Huixin: My thanks to you both. Here's your payment.Huixin: None of your efforts are wasted. Every piece adds that bit more luster and color to Lantern Rite.Huixin: Since you're staying in Liyue during the festival, make sure to keep an eye on the Mingxiao Lantern.Huixin: As the work progresses, the construction site at the harbor will become more and more magnificent to behold.Paimon: #Sounds fascinating. {NICKNAME}, how about we take a look now?
• Have a look at the construction site
• Talk to the suspicious person
• Investigate around the stockpile
PaimonPaimon: On the last day of the Lantern Rite, huge crowds come out to watch the Mingxiao Lantern being released.Paimon: It can't be a good sign if there's a suspicious character lurking around somewhere so dangerous.Paimon: If he's been tampering with the stockpile of lantern supplies...Paimon: This is a matter for the authorities! Quick, let's go to the Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs and report it at once!
Paimon: Because... Because... Everyone in Liyue has worked really hard for this! No-one should be allowed to spoil it, period!
Paimon: Because... Near the harbor is that Zhongyuan Chop Suey place! Take one bite, hooked for life! The original and best!
Paimon: Ehehehe...
• Talk to the Millelith
JiayiJiayi: Halt! This is the Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs.
Paimon: Yeah, we saw a shady-looking guy snooping around near the stockpile of highly flammable Mingxiao Lantern supplies!Paimon: We absolutely cannot let this be the end of Zhongyuan Chop Suey!Jiayi: Hmm, goodness! This is a serious matter indeed.Paimon: Exactly what Paimon thought! Liyue Harbor's cuisine is the heart and soul of the city—Jiayi: ...It seems we disagree on where the seriousness of the matter lies. But you're not wrong, my little friend.Jiayi: I have noted your concerns and will pass them on diligently to my superiors.Jiayi: Thank you. You were right to report this.Paimon: Make sure it's given top priority! It needs to be dealt with properly!

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