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Empty Abode

Empty Abode
Requires AR18
Is Part ofPrologue: Act III
DescriptionAssailed by many enemies, you realize that this road will not be an easy one. The way into Stormterror's Lair is strewn with obstacles, and so you must proceed with caution to find a path along the ruined walls.
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Light Guiding Ceremony
UnlocksLight Guiding Ceremony
Adventure EXP x 300
Mora x 8775
Adventurer's Experience x 3
Fine Enhancement Ore x 28
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go towards Stormterror's Lair
Paimon: It's stuck.
Venti: It's stuck.
Paimon: Hey, check out that roof. Is there a giant hole in it?
Venti: Hmm... I suppose we could make use of that wind current.
Paimon: Let's make a detour then. Heading up!
Venti: Let's make a detour then. Heading up!
• Enter the tower
• Find a way through the wind barrier
• Go to the upcurrent
• Look for a way to the top of the tower
• Enter the tower
• Go towards the top of the tower
Venti: Oh, we can't advance any further. The ruins seem to be guarded by ancient seals.
Paimon: Is this the work of Dvalin?
Venti: No. These ruins were once part of an ancient city. Dvalin just happens to be nesting in these ruins for now.
Venti: These ruins even predate the existence of The Four Winds.
Venti: Mondstadt is a city without a ruler. However, before it was,
Venti: It was ruled over by a tyrant.
Venti: Anyway... I'll sing you that story when we have a chance in the future.
Diluc: The markings on this seal... If my archaeological knowledge is not mistaken, this appears to be a light actuator.
Diluc: If we retrieve and reintegrate all the parts, we should be able to get it working.
Jean: We should be close to completing the ceremony for this actuator.
Jean: Let's put the last part back and see.

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