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Fallen Tears

Fallen Tears
Requires AR10
Is Part ofPrologue: Act II
DescriptionThe Holy Lyre is in poor condition, but you manage to restore some of its Anemo power by using Dvalin's tears. To restore its full power, you will need to look for more tears.
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
State of the Holy Lyre der Himmel
Hidden Tears
Stolen Tears
Hidden Tears
Stolen Tears
Crystal Tears
RequiresState of the Holy Lyre der Himmel
UnlocksCrystal Tears
Adventure EXP x 250
Primogem x 20
Mora x 6000
Character EXP x 3125
Fine Enhancement Ore x 7
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go to the Thousand Winds Temple
Venti: Are you really going to call me the "Tone-Deaf Bard" forever? Poor me...
JeanJean: Let's go!
DilucDiluc: I don't know how they came to this, but... okay, I guess.
• Defeat the monsters guarding the ruin to complete the challenge
• Obtain Dvalin's Tear
Paimon: Paimon didn't think we'd find Dvalin's tears in a place like this.
Jean: As knights, we are taught to hone our investigative skills.
Paimon: Wow! Very impressive!

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