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Venti’s New Plan

Venti's New Plan
Requires AR10
Is Part ofPrologue: Act II
DescriptionVenti's plan to sweet talk his way into getting the Holy Lyre back backfires. He's come up with a new plan, but seems he'll need your help for it to work.
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Venti's Plan
Wild Escape
RequiresVenti's Plan
UnlocksWild Escape
Adventure EXP x 250
Mora x 5450
Character EXP x 2850
Fine Enhancement Ore x 5
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Venti
Gotelinde: The Church has been a mess recently, and the Seneschal is not here... *sighs*
Venti: Don't be shy. Go.
Venti: It didn't work... I knew it.
Paimon: You "knew it"?
Venti: #I just wanted to know how influential {NICKNAME} — the hotshot of the Knights of the Favonius — is.
Venti: You see, the best warrior should always be presented with the best sword, and yet here we are...
Venti: Does the story not make for a fitting ballad?
Paimon: So what are you trying to say? That we're not good enough?
Venti: No, that's not it. More of a commentary regarding Mondstadt's inability to see the warrior standing right before its very eyes.
Venti: Very well. Looks like borrowing it is not going to be possible. We're simply going to have to steal it.
Venti: Today we stand for free will! Any suggestions on just how we steal it?
Venti: Come now, speak up. That's what free will is for.
Venti: Hahaha, look at you. Sidetracked from the start.
Venti: But seriously, you're more suitable for the job than I.
Venti: Aside from singing, I don't really have any other talents.
Venti: Besides, if I was caught, I'd have no-one to right the grave injustice of my arrest.
Paimon: How can it be a "grave injustice" if you got caught stealing red-handed?
Venti: #But things are different for {NICKNAME}. You are the superstar of the Knights of Favonius. You have made contributions to Mondstadt.
Venti: Should you get caught, you would easily be able to talk your way out of it.
Paimon: Stop mentioning us getting caught!
Venti: #{NICKNAME}... What do you say?
Venti: Ah, yes. Seems I did mention that...
Venti: Your point being?
Venti: Why does your decision hinge upon whether or not I am a god?
Paimon: #Paimon'll fill you in on {NICKNAME}'s background story when we get the time...
Venti: Huh?
Otto: Man, this stinks. Having to stand around here all day long, having to guard this entrance.\nHey! Don't move! You can't go down there!
Paimon: Seems we're gonna have to wait until nightfall to sneak in...
• Enter the Cathedral at night (18:00 – 06:00)
• Infiltrate the basement and obtain the Holy Lyre der Himmel

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