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The Sparrow Studies the Blade

The Sparrow Studies the Blade
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionSun Yu is seeking the guidance of the adepti in Jueyun Karst, but seems to require some help first...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Mora x 400
Qingxin x 1
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Sun Yu
Sun Yu, Little Que'erSun Yu: Halt, friend.Sun Yu: I can tell from the confidence in your posture and the flight in your footsteps that we three are kindred spirits, practitioners of the martial arts...
Little Que'er: Hey! Show him a little more respect when you're talking to him, got it!?Sun Yu: Please, there's no need... it was actually me who started the conversation with them...Little Que'er: Hmph! Well, just as long as they aren't another good-for-nothing bandwagoning adepti-seeker trying to steal our place!Sun Yu: Yes, great, thank you for your concern... I think we'll be fine... Now, why don't you take a well-earned rest while I have a word with our new friend?Little Que'er: But, but surely there's nothing you would say to them that you couldn't say in front of me?Sun Yu: I'd only bore you, it's really nothing you'd be interested in...Little Que'er: Hmph, okay, I get the hint, you wanna talk about the Guhua Clan, again... Fine. If you don't want me to listen, I will leave you well alone.Sun Yu: My friend, over here if you will join me. Then we may talk in depth.
Sun Yu, Little Que'er
Sun Yu: Little Que'er: Little Que'er:
• Follow Sun Yu
Little Que'erLittle Que'er: You two have finished speaking, then? Don't look at me like that. If he doesn't want me to listen, I don't listen.Little Que'er: In any case, I'm sure he was harping on about Guhua again. Ugh, in all the time that I've known him, he's never cared for anything else but Guhua...Little Que'er: And that's despite everything I do to try and...Little Que'er: Never mind, what difference is telling you going to make? What're you still doing here anyway? Aren't you supposed to be helping him with something? Go on, on your way!
• Talk to Sun Yu
Sun YuSun Yu: Right, here will do nicely...
Sun Yu: *sigh* It's about her... Little Que'er, my junior. We've always been inseparable in our martial arts training, like form and shadow. Her skills are in no way inferior to mine.Sun Yu: We came here seeking the guidance of the adepti, but the journey has been an arduous one, and my companion like a box full of chatter that knows no end... A few days prior she fell ill from the cold, and is now afflicted with soreness of the throat.Sun Yu: I see you are one of great strength, and so I humbly beseech you to please venture forth to the top of this cliff, where you should please find me three Qingxin flowers, with which to infuse in hot water and bring some small relief to Que'er's aching throat.
Sun Yu: Friend, you have my thanks. Que'er is a vivacious soul, and I daren't leave her alone while I go in search of medicine.
Sun Yu: I see you are most amused. Que'er has a feisty spirit and refuses to accept that she might be at a disadvantage compared to those around her, whatever the circumstances.Sun Yu: Were I to raise the notion of picking medicine for her benefit while she was in earshot, she would reject the proposal without a second thought. Hence, I must act without her knowledge.Sun Yu: Furthermore, I daren't leave her alone here while I go off in search of medicine. That is why I must ask for your assistance.
• Go and pick 3 Qingxin flowers from atop the cliff
Sun YuSun Yu: Que'er and I have trained together in the martial arts since childhood. She is like a sister to me.Sun Yu: And yet somehow, the older she becomes, the more she perplexes me.Sun Yu: Things were much simpler when we were children...
• Give the Qingxin flowers to Sun Yu
Sun Yu, Little Que'erSun Yu: You have returned! Regarding the matter which I entrusted to your care...
Sun Yu: These shall be plenty. Friend, you have my thanks, please accept this small gift in return...Little Que'er: Huh? What're all these Qingxin flowers for? Oh no, have you got a headache again?
Little Que'er: But I would happily have gone to pick medicine for you... Why did you need to get a passer-by to do it instead?Little Que'er: Also, we know nothing about them or their background, what if—Sun Yu: ...Enough, Que'er. They helped us, did they not? We have no quarrel with them.Sun Yu: Thank you once more. Please take these.Little Que'er: Yep, take 'em and be on your merry way, don't keep him out in the cold when he's got a headache!Little Que'er: Quickly, let's get you out of the wind! I'll make some sweet tea for you...
Sun Yu: Ahem! My good friend, I daresay—Little Que'er: ...Are you saying I'm weak? Oh, so you feel the tiniest gust of wind and just assume I have a sore throat!?Little Que'er: Well, luckily the Qingxin flowers won't go to waste — because they can help with his headache.Sun Yu: Que'er, listen...Little Que'er: Come on, let's get you out of the wind and somewhere you can put your feet up! I'll make some sweet tea for you.Little Que'er: As for you... Take these, and get lost.
Sun Yu, Little Que'erSun Yu:
• Go and pick 3 Qingxin flowers from atop the cliff
• Go and pick 3 Qingxin flowers from atop the cliff

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