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This Novel Is Amazing!

This Novel Is Amazing!
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionChang the Ninth has written a brand new novel, and he's looking for someone who is able to take it to Feiyun Commerce Guild as fast as possible...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Chang the Ninth
Chang the NinthChang the Ninth: This time I am going to win...
Chang the Ninth: I don't know if you're aware, but there is a creative writing competition held periodically in Inazuma.Chang the Ninth: I believe the name is... "This Novel is Amazing!" More importantly, the competition is hosted by the Yae Publishing House, a giant of the Inazuma publishing industry.Chang the Ninth: I prepared for this competition by immersing myself in some Inazuma popular fiction to get a sense of what they like over there.Chang the Ninth: Of course, I also have an entire study full of literature and I've read every single book in there at some point in my life. So for my entry, I wrote a novel that integrates the best of Liyue and Inazuma culture. This one is a winner, I'm sure of it!Chang the Ninth: I spoke with the Feiyun Commerce Guild. They are sending someone to take my entry to Inazuma and submit it in person. However, that someone has so far failed to show up!Chang the Ninth: I need you to deliver the manuscript to the Feiyun Commerce Guild for me. Do you have the time?
Chang the Ninth: That's the spirit. Go and make me a winner!
Chang the Ninth: This is a competition. Sorry, but I am not about to let you in on the details of my entry.Chang the Ninth: If I can just win this, everything will start to improve...
Chang the NinthChang the Ninth: Definitely going to win. Definitely...Chang the Ninth: I am going to win this, and then my book is going to be sold all around the world... And then, she will read it... She is sure to...Chang the Ninth: ...What are you still doing here? Get my book down to the Feiyun Commerce Guild, now!
• Take the book to Feiyun Commerce Guild
PaimonPaimon: That looks like the Feiyun Commerce Guild.Paimon: Just hand the book to that guy at the entrance. Job done.Paimon: Although... Paimon reeeally wants to know what the big deal with this book is...Paimon: Whaddya think? Shall we take a sneak peek?
Paimon: Yep! Super-duper quick. Open it, open it!Paimon: Hmm... This young boy, d'you reckon it's just Chang the Ninth himself?Paimon: Because as grumpy old men go, he's pretty young at heart, wouldn't you say?Paimon: We'd probably better get this book to the Feiyun Commerce Guild now.
Paimon: Alright, spoilsport... You're right though, we're technically not supposed to look at it without him saying so.
• Give the book to Xu
XuXu: Where has the master gone this time...
Xu: Huh? ...Seriously, he still writes?Xu: Oh... I remember now, he said something about entering a novel-writing competition in Inazuma...Xu: What did he write about this time, then? Last time he wrote a book about the Qixing and kept insisting that we publish it for him.Xu: Even without it being published, I still almost had the Millelith on my case...Xu: At least this time it's going all the way to Inazuma for a competition. They probably wouldn't be able to trace it back to me.Xu: Give it here. I'll get one of the sailors bound for Inazuma to take it with them.Xu: I don't think Chang stands a chance of winning though. I hear a novel called "A Legend of Sword" is all the rage in Inazuma right now.Xu: The author of that one is also from Liyue, though I don't know who it is.Xu: Thanks for bringing the book. Chang the Ninth had originally asked us to collect it, he'd even paid up front. Please take this for your trouble.

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