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Geo Travel Diary

Geo Travel Diary
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionMusheng seems to know a great deal of Geo Archon lore...
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Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Musheng
MushengMusheng: ...That is all I ask.
Musheng: Worshiping the Geo Lord. I take it you aren't from around here?Musheng: This is Yiyan Temple. People in Liyue Harbor come here all the time to offer incense to the Geo Lord and to pray for good luck.Musheng: I live very far away, meaning I don't have the chance to come here and offer incense very often. So each time I come, I spend a little longer to make up for it.Musheng: I've read a lot of ancient texts about the Lord of Geo, and the more I read, the more awestruck I am by His greatness.Musheng: So when I think about all that He has done for Liyue Harbor, the fact that I have to travel that little bit further to offer some incense to Him seems like a small price to pay.Musheng: You probably don't know a lot about the Geo Lord, do you? I can tell you all about him if you'd like.Musheng: That said, just listening to me talk probably won't make it sink in.Musheng: Hmm... I have an idea. Go look around nearby Liyue Harbor and gather some things I can use as props. Having some props will really help bring my narration to life.
Musheng: Great. Don't be too long. I'll be here waiting!
Musheng: Anything that you feel is connected with Liyue Harbor or the Geo Lord.Musheng: Though now I think about it, I don't know all that many stories... and not everything is worth telling...Musheng: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now... off you go.
• Give Musheng things relating to "Liyue"
MushengMusheng: Found anything?
• Listen to Musheng's story
MushengMusheng: Aha, ore from the mines! So you do understand a thing or two about the meaning of Geo after all.Musheng: Liyue's early settlers learnt to smelt ore to extract the metal within. But before that ore had a different use, and a far more important one.Musheng: When the very first people arrived here and began to farm the land, they piled up stones to build stoves and struck them together to produce fire.Musheng: With fire, they could cook. And with cooked food, they had the strength to work.Musheng: All of this came from the rocks of the earth, which were a gift from the Lord of Geo.Musheng: The Geo Lord quickly became known as the God of the Stove in many of the texts written around that time.Musheng: Newly opened restaurants and taverns all burn incense to the Geo Lord and pray that the fire in their stoves will perpetually prevail, so that business might forever flourish.Musheng: Next time you visit one of the restaurants in Liyue Harbor, don't forget to say a silent prayer to the Geo Lord yourself.
MushengMusheng: Ah, you must have picked this up somewhere out in the countryside? You clearly went to great lengths to get this. Good work!Musheng: As you will have seen, Liyue Harbor is a vast city.Musheng: But even the largest cities are built one brick at a time.Musheng: There was nothing like the Liyue Harbor we know today when the first settlers arrived here.Musheng: Through their sweat and toil those brave settlers cultivated the land, bit by bit, and eventually built this great city.Musheng: As you know, the terrain is rocky and mountainous around Liyue Harbor. This makes the land extremely difficult to cultivate. And yet, these tenacious plants grow defiantly in the mountains.Musheng: Each of these plants also has useful properties which made them immensely helpful for the early settlers. They took this as the Geo Lord's divine providence.Musheng: Stories of the settlers' accomplishments have always been popular in Liyue Harbor. Even today, many of Liyue's adventurers are inspired by the deeds of their forebears.Musheng: They see themselves as heirs to their legacy of tenacity and their spirit of breaking new ground. In the same vein, they also worship the Geo Lord as "The Groundbreaker."Musheng: Liyue's adventurers require of themselves to be steadfast as the mountains in the face of whatever challenges they may face.
MushengMusheng: Interesting... Now where did you get that from...Musheng: I have heard that this is only found at Yujing Terrace these days...Musheng: This item serves as an excellent prompt for talking about the Lord of Geo. A very considered choice.Musheng: But in fact, this Glaze Lily also strikes at the very heart of what makes Liyue Harbor tick.Musheng: Confused? Think about it, what is special about Glaze Lily?Musheng: It's precious — exactly. Glaze Lily is highly precious. You can sell it for a very good price and earn lots of Mora.Musheng: Mora are named in honor of Morax — another name for the Lord of Geo.Musheng: So to many people, the Geo Lord is the God of Wealth. Almost every merchant in Liyue, no matter how big and successful, will always make time to offer incense to the Lord of Geo before they go out to do business.Musheng: This is quite simply because the Geo Lord is the wealthiest person in the whole world.Musheng: Even among The Seven... Surely he must be the wealthiest of the Archons.Musheng: Well, that's all I have to say about that. Maybe we can talk some more next time.
MushengMusheng: Ah, a fellow food lover! Liyue Harbor certainly knows what it's doing when it comes to food. Definitely worth trying the local delicacies.Musheng: What does this have to do with the Lord of Geo? More than you might expect! You may have noticed banners on a lot of the restaurants in Liyue Harbor? Well, those banners are to advertise the restaurants' long histories.Musheng: If you go to the owner and ask for evidence of just how long the restaurant has been around, they will immediately tell you that the Geo Lord visited this establishment on such-and-such a date in history, this is what he ordered, and here's what he had to say about it...Musheng: Without going into whether those stories are true or not, what no-one disputes is that the Geo Lord has been in Liyue Harbor for a very, very long time.Musheng: Some of Liyue's historians claim that the Lord of Geo is the oldest person who has ever lived and worship him as the God of History.Musheng: But as for exactly how long he has lived in this world, I'm not sure anybody knows.
• Talk to Musheng to collect rewards
MushengMusheng: Well, that's all I have to say about that. Maybe we can talk some more next time.
MushengMusheng: Good heavens, how long have I been chatting to you for? The time has just flown by.Musheng: I hope after all that you feel a little more informed about the Geo Lord?
Musheng: Of course, that's only a small sample of the Geo Archon lore. Visit me next time if you want to hear more.Musheng: Huh? You even made all those notes... You must be really enjoying my tales.Musheng: How about you leave those notes with me, and I'll write down more stories for you in my spare time?Musheng: All those notes put together should make for a fine collection. I'll be more than happy to gift it to you when I'm done compiling it.Musheng: Although, with so many stories of Rex Lapis to go through, it may take me some time...Musheng: Here, these are for you. Thanks for being such a great listener.

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