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Visiting a Friend in Jueyun

Visiting a Friend in Jueyun
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionMadame Ping recently visited Mt. Hulao to see an old friend, but seems to have dropped something along the way...
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Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Madame Ping
Madame PingMadame Ping: Oh, please tell me I didn't leave it at the top of the mountain...
Madame Ping: Well! Fancy running into you youngsters at a place like this! What are the chances... But, you should have put on more layers, you know. It's windy up there, you'll catch a cold.Madame Ping: I was just on my way back to the city from Mt. Hulao. I went up there to see an old friend of mine, and we had a delightful chat about the old times.Madame Ping: But halfway back, I've suddenly realized I've forgotten something. *sigh* I must have left it up on the mountain...Madame Ping: At my age, I don't think I could make it all the way up there a second time in one day... It's such a long distance, and there's all that bothersome amber up there.Madame Ping: Youngsters... Could you fetch it back from the mountain top for me? I'd be ever so grateful...
Madame Ping: You know, the one who lives on Mt. Hulao. You must have met him. That amber of his is a real nuisance...Madame Ping: My memory must be going. Honestly, how could I forget to put the box in my teapot before I left...
Madame Ping: A box... I think. My memory is not what it once was... Why didn't I just put it in my teapot straight away? Would've saved me so much hassle.Madame Ping: At least if it is up in the mountains, the chances are it will have become trapped in amber. So finding it once you're up there shouldn't be too difficult.Madame Ping: Youngsters, please make a poor old lady's day. Fetch it back from Mt. Hulao for me, would you? The part where all that amber is.Madame Ping: Mind yourselves, though. Who knows what else might be encased in amber after all these years...
• Smash the amber and find Madame Ping's box
Madame PingMadame Ping: Silly child, why ever didn't you wrap up warm before you came out? I'd feel terrible if you were to catch a cold.
Madame Ping: My old friend makes it. He says it catches monsters and bandits on their way up the mountain.Madame Ping: It's been around a very long time indeed. Honestly, that amber has trapped some very peculiar things over the years...Madame Ping: It really is a ghastly substance...
Madame Ping: Oh, it's spick and span once again now. All thanks to you, of course!Madame Ping: In fact, the whole reason I came all this way to collect that thing was to spruce up my teapot a little further.Madame Ping: Once it's both spick and span and in tip-top condition, I'll finally be able to treat my guests to tea again...
• Talk to Madame Ping
Madame PingMadame Ping: Silly child, why ever didn't you wrap up warm before you came out? I'd feel terrible if you were to catch a cold.
Madame Ping: Let me take a look... Ah yes, that's it. So I did leave it up there, after all. My memory is so hopeless these days...Madame Ping: I'll take it now, thank you. All it contains is a few old bits and bobs anyway.Madame Ping: These, on the other hand, are for you. Thank you dears.Madame Ping: Now to put this box in my teapot before I forget...

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