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For Old Time’s Sake

For Old Time's Sake
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionChang the Ninth of Qingce Village said he was going to Wuwang Hill in search of inspiration, but has yet to return. Granny Ruoxin is getting worried...
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Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Granny Ruoxin
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: *sigh* Come home, Little Chang... You're starting to worry me...
Granny Ruoxin: Oh... It's just my pet name for Chang the Ninth.Granny Ruoxin: I'm so used to calling him Little Chang now, it feels strange saying "Chang the Ninth."Granny Ruoxin: Last night, he said he was going out to do some research for his novel. I didn't think anything of it, just told him not to stay out too late. The usual.Granny Ruoxin: But he still hasn't come back. I'm so worried something's happened to him.Granny Ruoxin: And I'm too old and frail to go out looking for him. Could you two dears go and find him for me?
Granny Ruoxin: Wonderful. Thank you, dears.
Granny Ruoxin: *sigh* There's only one place he'll have gone. Wuwang Hill, north of here.Granny Ruoxin: Please, go and find him — for my sake. He's been out there so long... I do hope nothing's happened to him.
• Find Chang the Ninth
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: *sigh* Come home, Little Chang... You're starting to worry me...
Granny Ruoxin: He said it was to do some research for his novel. It's nice and quite there, he says. Helps him get inspiration.Granny Ruoxin: But there's not a soul in Qingce Village who believes that's his real reason for going there.
• Defeat all opponents
• Talk to Chang the Ninth
Chang the NinthChang the Ninth: Hmph! These wretched monsters... Ghastly things...Chang the Ninth: All I wanted was one measly morsel of inspiration for my novel... But nope, I got stuck with this rabble instead!Chang the Ninth: Thanks for your help. I'm not sure what I would have done without it.
Chang the Ninth: Is she? She's wasting her energy... I'm quite capable of looking after myself. I could have easily dealt with them if it came to it... it just would have been a bit of a bother, that's all...Chang the Ninth: ...Still, I'm glad you showed up. Otherwise, I could have been here a while longer... This way, at least I won't have to put up with her constant nagging when I get back.
• Talk to Paimon
PaimonPaimon: ...And just like that, he's gone. We should get going, too.Paimon: Wait — what's that on the ground? Did Chang the Ninth drop something?Paimon: We should take a look, just in case.
• Gather the pages
• Give the pages to Chang the Ninth
Chang the NinthChang the Ninth: *sigh* I need to make this novel a good one... But how?
Chang the Ninth: Hmm? Oh... Yes, these are mine. But I didn't like what I'd written, so I scrapped them. Tossed them into the river.Chang the Ninth: I can't believe you went and collected them all... This writing's barely legible now anyway.
Chang the Ninth: A story for a girl I knew as a child. These are early drafts that I scrapped. Ah, that little girl... You've no idea what she was like when we were small. Constantly badgering me to read her a story.Chang the Ninth: Regrettably, I never had much time to write back then. I wrote the beginnings of a story to start her off, telling myself I'd write the rest when I had more time.Chang the Ninth: And then one day, she disappeared. I couldn't find her anywhere.Chang the Ninth: Hmph. It's because of her family, I'm sure of it. They never liked me, didn't want her to have anything to do with me. So they waited for an opportunity to quietly move out of Qingce Village for good.Chang the Ninth: Well, they'll soon see! Once I've made a name for myself they'll never look at me in the same way again! As soon as I've finished this story I'm writing for her, I'll see that it gets sold all over the world!Chang the Ninth: That way, they'll see the new me from wherever they are in the world! They'll see I'm not the same Chang the Ninth I was as a kid!Chang the Ninth: And then... And then I can see her again... But first things first — I need to actually get the story written.Chang the Ninth: ...I—I'm sorry, look at me, giving you my whole life story! Anyway. I should get back to working on my book.
• Talk to Granny Ruoxin
Granny RuoxinGranny Ruoxin: *sigh* Oh, Little Chang...
Granny Ruoxin: Yes, I saw! Thank you, dears.Granny Ruoxin: He's always been this way, since he was a boy... Running off and getting himself into trouble, protesting that he's all grown up... He'll never grow up, though.Granny Ruoxin: Anyway, it's nothing you should fret about. Little Chang will do as Little Chang pleases.Granny Ruoxin: Thank you for going all that way to bring him home. Please accept this in return.Granny Ruoxin: I won't keep you any longer, I'm sure you have things to get back to. But... please don't end up like Little Chang. He's so preoccupied with how he's seen by others that he's never gotten round to taking a long, hard look at himself...Granny Ruoxin: Alas, mortals are no adepti... And what is mortal life but a short sufferance that comes before death? Alas!
Chang the NinthChang the Ninth: Now, where was I up to...
Chang the Ninth: Why, what's it to you? ...Anyway, she preferred me not to use her full name — too formal, she'd say. So I called her by her nickname.Chang the Ninth: But... she'll be all grown up after this many years. I don't think the nickname would suit her anymore...Chang the Ninth: If I see her again, I'll have to use her full name... But anyway, forget it. I'm not telling you her name — full, nick, or otherwise.

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