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Stairway to Wangshu

Stairway to Wangshu
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionHuai'an of Wangshu Inn is trying to fix the other crack in the inn staircase, and he's looking for someone to help him...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Huai'an
Huai'anHuai'an: Honestly, it's just one thing after another round here...
Huai'an: Ah! You've come at just the right time. Thanks again for last time... Now it's time for round two.Huai'an: This one is a little bigger, and I don't have enough Wooden Planks for it. I sent one of the porters to fetch a new batch; however...Huai'an: He was attacked by monsters on the way back. He panicked and fled back, abandoning the Wooden Planks on the way.Huai'an: It gave him a real fright. I managed to get him to point out where the Wooden Planks are, but I simply could not talk him into going back there to collect them...Huai'an: I've racked my brains for a solution but in the end, you're the only one that can help. Would you mind fetching the Wooden Planks for me?
Huai'an: Perfect. I will wait for you here.
Huai'an: Don't look so horrified... You don't think a monster did this, do you? Hah, that would need to be one gigantic monster...Huai'an: No, what happened this time was... We had these two guests who came here, in close succession. There seemed to be some bad blood between them, because the first one was pursuing the second and the second was hiding from the first... Fortunately, they didn't run into each other.Huai'an: But then... They both decided to stay the night, and they bumped into each other on the way upstairs.Huai'an: As soon as they saw each other, fists started flying... In the course of their fighting they managed to break the stairs. It took me forever to separate them.Huai'an: I was furious... I charged them both three extra days right there on the spot.Huai'an: Anyway, that's enough gossip for now! Help me fetch those Wooden Planks so I can get this thing fixed.Huai'an: If anything like this ever happens again, I don't think I'll bother asking them to pay damages... But I will absolutely insist that they repair it themselves, right away.
• Collect 5 Wooden Planks
Huai'anHuai'an: Have you brought the Wooden Planks?
Huai'an: Ugh, come on, I haven't got all day... I'm waiting to get started here.
• Talk to Huai'an
Huai'anHuai'an: Have you brought the Wooden Planks?
Huai'an: Wonderful. Finally! Gosh, these monsters are no end of trouble...Huai'an: These should be plenty. Many thanks! I will get started straight away.
• Talk to Huai'an
Huai'anHuai'an: Finished! Finally, it's repaired. What do you think of my DIY? Looks alright eh?Huai'an: And with any luck, it might actually be fit for purpose too. Hahaha.Huai'an: Anyway — take this for your trouble. Many thanks, once again.Huai'an: Please do stop by for a cup of tea or a bite to eat whenever you want to. This chef we've got is really rather good.

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