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The Lost Relic

The Lost Relic
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionBao'er claims to have lost a precious relic and is now frantically searching high and low for it. Perhaps she could use a hand...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Bao'er
Bao'erBao'er: Where did it go...
Bao'er: I was investigating a ruin, when suddenly monsters attacked me...Bao'er: I panicked and ran, and must have dropped the relic I'd just uncovered right where I found it.Bao'er: After the monsters left, I came back, but I couldn't find the relic.Bao'er: I've searched all over the place and I just can't find it. I wonder if maybe the monsters took it?Bao'er: Can you help me search for it? If you find it, you can store it in this box.
• Search for the item Bao'er lost
Bao'erBao'er: Where did it go...
Bao'er: Hey! Take a closer look, I think you'll find I've padded it with plenty of clothes.Bao'er: I'm a professional scholar, don't you know! I don't make rookie errors.Bao'er: Anyway, thanks for helping me look for the relic — I'd be useless in a fight with those monsters...
• Search for the item Bao'er lost
• Talk to Paimon
PaimonPaimon: Hmm... We've looked everywhere — and still, nothing.Paimon: Do you wanna keep looking? Or go back and check with Bao'er?
Paimon: Alright then. This time with your eyes open.
Paimon: Yeah, let's see what else Bao'er has to say.
• Retrieve Bao'er's lost item from the monsters
• Talk to Bao'er
Bao'erBao'er: Did you find the relic?
Bao'er: Let me see... Wow! That's a relic, alright...Bao'er: Um... It doesn't look like the one I lost, though. Still, looks valuable to me!Bao'er: This relic needs looking after by an expert. Don't worry, it's safe with me... Hehehe... Thank you both.

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