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Yanxiao’s Dilemma

Yanxiao's Dilemma
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionSomething is bothering Smiley Yanxiao, the chef of Wangshu Inn...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Smiley Yanxiao
Smiley YanxiaoSmiley Yanxiao: Hmph, he's got some nerve scrounging off me all this time...
Smiley Yanxiao: I'm cooking for someone who doesn't deserve it, that's what!Smiley Yanxiao: Unbelievable! He whiles away his time doing whatever he pleases and doesn't even offer to help at the inn.Smiley Yanxiao: He spends most of his day fishing, but I've never seen him catch more than a couple of tiddlers.Smiley Yanxiao: If it wasn't for me, he'd starve to death!Smiley Yanxiao: Ugh, what's the use in complaining. He can't hear me — and even if he could, he'd act like he hadn't.Smiley Yanxiao: If you've got nothing better to do, you can go grab me a couple of extra ingredients. I'm running low here.Smiley Yanxiao: Don't need much. Just one Jueyun Chili and one Lotus Head will do it.
Smiley Yanxiao: Bring them back here as soon as you find them. I want to get this done and dusted.
Smiley Yanxiao: My boss paid good money for those. Do you think this freeloader's gonna pay my boss back? I think not.Smiley Yanxiao: Everything I cook for him comes out of my own pocket... Hmph, he owes me big time!Smiley Yanxiao: Just go fetch the vegetables, will you? It's not a huge ask, and it won't take you long.
• Help Smiley Yanxiao find Jueyun Chili and Lotus Head
Smiley YanxiaoSmiley Yanxiao: Where are my vegetables?
Smiley Yanxiao: ...Why on earth not!? Go get them! Otherwise, that waste of space is going to turn into a hungry waste of space.
• Talk to Smiley Yanxiao
Smiley YanxiaoSmiley Yanxiao: Wait here. When the food's ready, I'll get you to take it over to him.Smiley Yanxiao: Don't look so hard done by! I'm not making you do this for free. You'll get what you deserve, don't you worry.Smiley Yanxiao: Alright. It's ready. Take this to over to Mr. Doesn't-Know-How-Lucky-He-Is...Smiley Yanxiao: His name is Jiangxue. He'll be fishing down by the water, you can't miss him.
• Bring the dish Smiley Yanxiao made to Jiangxue
Smiley YanxiaoSmiley Yanxiao: And don't delay! A happy cheapskate is preferable to a hungry cheapskate, trust me.
Smiley Yanxiao: If you must know, it's because he's got no-one else. I'm the only person he knows in the whole of Liyue. And this is the only place he dares to try and scrounge from.Smiley Yanxiao: ...What's the reason? Why does it matter? Fine... It's because I'm willing to cook for him. Happy now?Smiley Yanxiao: If I wasn't willing to cook for him, he'd probably go and do something stupid down at Dihua Marsh again. And we can't be having that.Smiley Yanxiao: What are you still hanging round here for? Quit dawdling and get going!
JiangxueJiangxue: Hello? Is it me you're looking for?
Jiangxue: Aha! I was wondering where that delicious smell was coming from. He's a really talented chef, you know.Jiangxue: Thanks for bringing this. And make sure you thank him profusely for me when you get back.
• Report back to Smiley Yanxiao
Smiley YanxiaoSmiley Yanxiao: Did you deliver the food?
Smiley Yanxiao: Thank me profusely? Please. Spare me that charade.Smiley Yanxiao: The number of times I've heard those words these last few years... drives me mad.Smiley Yanxiao: Thanking me profusely seems to be his only other pastime aside from fishing. Tell you what, how about pack all that in, stop wasting time, and come earn your keep at the inn?Smiley Yanxiao: Ah, there's no use me venting at you. Here's your reward — you've earned it, unlike some people. Now you can get back to living your life.
JiangxueJiangxue: You're still here? ...It's probably best that you get back; when you keep him waiting he tends to throw one of his temper tantrums.
Jiangxue: We're... friends. We've known each other a very long time.Jiangxue: I, uh... I went to Dihua Marsh once to do... a bad thing. But something I had to do.Jiangxue: This the only place in the whole of Liyue where they let me stay, and the chef here makes sure I'm fed.Jiangxue: I won't elaborate any further — it's a long story, and you probably have better things to do with your time.Jiangxue: I'd better let you go — that chef is not the patient type.

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