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Pirate Invasion, in Liyue Harbor!

Pirate Invasion, in Liyue Harbor!
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionThere's a group of kids who are very eager to play a pirate-themed game...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Little Lulu, Little Fei, and Little Meng
Little FeiLittle Fei: Meng, today I get to be the captain — right?Little Meng: Lulu, I've been the captain loads of times in a row now, we should let Fei have a turn.Little Lulu: But Meng, you're the bestest captain ever! I want you to keep being it...
Little Fei: We're trying to play a game. They promised me I could be the captain this time...Little Fei: But Lulu keeps saying it's way more fun when Meng is the captain.Little Fei: *sigh* Lulu always does this... But, if it's what she wants... I guess it's fine by me.Little Fei: Hey, do you have time to join in? You can be the pirate!
Little Fei: *sigh* Once again, as always, I'm just the first mate...Little Fei: Just like last time, come and join us when you're ready.
Little Fei: *sigh* Ah, I really wanna be the captain...Little Fei: Just like last time, come and join us when you're ready.
• Talk to "First Mate" Little Fei
Little FeiLittle Fei: Ready yet?
Little Fei: Alright then. I guess we can start.Little Fei: I hate being the first mate...Little Fei: Lulu and Meng only care about themselves...
Little Fei: Oh, hi pirate. Sorry, I'm just a poor first mate with nothing for you to steal.Little Fei: If you're here to rob the boat, you need to find someone with enough money... Hmm...Little Fei: I know! The captain is really rich — you should go and steal from him!Paimon: Wh—What!? Don't you work on this boat?Little Fei: Yeah! That means I know how to find the captain.Little Fei: He's just a captain anyway... What's so special about that...Little Fei: Come with me! I'll take you to the captain...
Little Fei: Never mind, take your time. Boring game anyway...
• Find Captain with Little Fei
• Talk to "Captain" Little Meng
Little MengLittle Fei: Here we are! Here's the captain!Little Meng: What are you doing, bringing the pirates here!? You should've led them on a wild goose chase so that me and Lulu would have time to escape!Little Fei: Why do you and Lulu get to escape while I have to stay here and hold the pirates up!?Little Fei: I got a better idea: I give you over to the pirates while I escape with Lulu!Little Meng: But... Beidou says you should never abandon your friends!Little Fei: Oh? And does Beidou also say that the captain should run away with their favorite person at the first sign of trouble!?Little Meng: Why you little... I'm never sharing my Lotus Heads with you EVER again!Little Fei: FINE! It's only you who cares so much about stupid Lotus Heads anyway!Paimon: They are blowing this way out of proportion...Little Lulu: Don't worry, I know a way we can sort this out.Little Lulu: Lotus Heads are their favorite thing in the world... Giving them their favorite treat will definitely calm them down.Little Lulu: Can you find some Lotus Heads for me?
Little Lulu: Thank you! You need to be quick though.
Little Lulu: Oh... Really? Well what is it?Little Lulu: ...Anyway, just get some Lotus Heads. We can't have them arguing like this all day.
• Find Lotus Head
Little MengLittle Meng: You traitor! This is mutiny!Little Fei: What, you can't cope with things not going your way for a change?Little Meng: I'm never sharing my Lotus Heads with you EVER again!Little Fei: FINE! It's only you who cares so much about stupid Lotus Heads anyway!Paimon: Haha... This looks like it could take a while...
Little LuluLittle Lulu: Did you find some Lotus Heads yet?
Little Lulu: You'd better hurry up, the longer they're like this the worse it'll get.
• Calm Little Meng and Little Fei down
Little FeiLittle Lulu: Did you find some Lotus Heads yet?: Yup.Little Fei: You're the meanie!Little Meng: No, you're the meanie!Little Lulu: Stop fighting. You're only going to wear yourselves out.Little Lulu: It's just a game, there's no need to get so mad. We're all friends, right?Little Lulu: And look what I've got... Freshly picked Lotus Heads! Go on, help yourselves.Little Lulu: Once you've eaten, we're gonna straighten all this out.Little Lulu: We'll decide who gets to be the captain and the first mate, and in what order. Sound good?Little Meng: Fine...Little Fei: Okay...Paimon: Wow, it actually worked! Peace and quiet at last.Little Lulu: Told you so!
Little Lulu: We've been playing together a long time. I know these things.
Little Lulu: Heeh-hee, thanks. But Beidou is the real miracle worker.Little Lulu: I hope I can be like her when I grow up...

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