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Windrise, Windfall

Windrise, Windfall
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionThe recent storms have been affecting business at Dawn Winery, so Elzer is trying his best to come up with ideas to get things back in order...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
RequiresReunion with the Dragon
Adventure EXP x 100
Mora x 10000
Adventurer's Experience x 8
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Elzer
ElzerElzer: This storm really is annoying...
Elzer: Hmm? Oh, it's you, Traveler. Master Diluc mentioned you. Said you were an experienced and skilled adventurer...Elzer: Ahem... I'm going off topic. So, did you come to the Dawn Winery to pick some wine?Elzer: Sorry, but this is a bad time. Due to the storms, the three roads leading out of the winery have all been rendered impassable.Elzer: The Knights of Favonius were able to clear the obstacles blown in by the wind quickly, but the nearby monsters have all gathered on the road for some reason.Elzer: People can go around the area, but it is impassable to cargo-carrying carts. We can't move any of our wine out, and the ingredients we ordered can't come in. It is most frustrating...Elzer: But I've heard of your exploits, and I know of your skills, so perhaps...Elzer: If you would, could you get those three roads reopened?
• Clear the main road of any monsters and obstacles
• Clear the main road of any monsters and obstacles
• Clear the main road of any monsters and obstacles
ElzerElzer: If our winery's business remains closed for any longer, how will I face Master Diluc...Elzer: Traveler, if you meet Master Diluc, could you tell him about this?Elzer: It just won't do, the way he just leaves the winery to its own devices all the time.
• Talk to Elzer
ElzerElzer: Have you cleared the merchant roads out?
Elzer: That's great. Our winery's business can gradually resume now.Elzer: Honestly, I should have reported this matter to Master Diluc...Elzer: But he's upped and disappeared. I've searched high and low for him all over the winery, but no one knows where he's gone.Elzer: Adelinde said something like "Master Diluc has gone to attend to a personal matter," but refused to say anything more. She didn't even look worried.Elzer: *sigh* Forget it. Once he's back, I will have a good talk with him...

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