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Flighty Flora… and Flora

Flighty Flora... and Flora
TypeWorld Quest
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionFlora from the flower shop in Mondstadt is quite upset... It seems that many of her flowers have suddenly been blown away by the wind. She's looking for somebody who could help her...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Adventure EXP x 100
Hero's Wit x 5
Cecilia x 5
Small Lamp Grass x 5
Windwheel Aster x 5
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Flora
FloraFlora: Would you like to buy some flowers? I'm afraid you've come at a bad time...
Flora: A lot of the flowers in my shop were blown away by that huge wind from before.Flora: Not only were the flowers on display outside blown away, but so were some that I had left near the storefront.Flora: I still have a fair bit of stock, but the flowers put on display are the prettiest ones. A lot of customers are attracted by them.Flora: Now, these flowers have been blown away, and I still need to clean up the store, so I won't be able to find time to pick new ones...Flora: Traveler, if you're willing, could you help me pick some fresh flowers?
• Pick some fresh flowers
• Pick some fresh flowers
• Pick some fresh flowers
Flora: You can find small lamp grass and sweet flowers in the Whispering Woods. Windrise is where you'll find windwheel asters, and you can find cecilias on Starsnatch Cliff.Flora: You can definitely get the freshest flowers from these areas.Flora: Once you've finished picking them, please bring them back to me as quickly as possible.
• Pick some fresh flowers
• Report back to Flora
Flora: Did you finish getting the flowers?
Flora: These are all so fresh... Thank you. With these flowers out at the storefront, we're sure to attract a lot of customers.Flora: If I could make another small request... the wind also blew all the dandelions we had away.Flora: Although dandelions being carried away by the wind isn't a bad thing...Flora: But it still seem strange for a florist's in Mondstadt to not have dandelions.Flora: Dandelions can't just be plucked and brought back — they have to be regrown from scratch.Flora: So could you help fetch a batch of Dandelion Seeds for me?
Flora: I'm counting on you, then. I recall that there are lots of dandelions just outside Mondstadt.
Flora: There are lots of dandelions outside the city. You should be able to get them easily.
• Collect one portion of Dandelion Seeds
Flora: Dandelions can be found just outside Mondstadt, but I have to clean up the shop, and simply don't have time to leave...Flora: So please, help me gather a batch of Dandelion Seeds.
• Report back to Flora
Flora: Have you managed to get the dandelions?
Flora: Thank you. This should be enough. I'll sow the seeds into these pots...Flora: ...Along with those flowers that you found for me earlier.Flora: Ah, yes. I have to thank you, don't I? This is a little token, please take it.Flora: Now, I have to quickly put these flowers inside these pots here. Then the dandelions seeds go there...
• Report back to Flora
FloraFlora: And we're done. Hehe, doesn't this look like a proper florist's now?Flora: Oh, right. The Dandelion Seeds have only just been sown, so there's nothing in the pot... I guess I'll have to take them off display for the time being.Flora: Ah, I really hope they grow up soon...

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