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Tales of Winter

Tales of Winter
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionIn Mondstadt, the Fatui member Viktor is recruiting people to join their cause. This may be a good opportunity to pry into what the Fatui is up to.
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Mora x 2000
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Viktor
ViktorViktor: Traveler, over here. I've been watching you.
Viktor: Come now, why the wary tone? I've got a fine proposition for you.Viktor: How would you like to join the Fatui?Paimon: You wish! Isn't that right?
Paimon: Hey! What do you mean you'll give it some thought? Shouldn't we be refusing right away!?Viktor: You've got a good eye. If you want to do great things, there's no place like the Fatui.Viktor: Now... By the look of you, you must have questions, yes?
Viktor: And so what if it is? We, the Fatui, recruit from all over the continent. This is fair game, and Knights have no say in it.Viktor: Now... By the look of you, you must have questions, yes?
Viktor: How very direct. Hmm, this is quite the long story.Viktor: But given that you're not yet an official member of the Fatui, I can't tell you, either...Viktor: I've heard that there are a lot of hilichurls around Mondstadt, and some have even huddled together into groups.Viktor: Let's make a deal. You take a stroll outside and bring a trophy from a Mitachurl back for me, and I'll tell you a little story. How does that sound?
Viktor: Very straightforward, I like it. One hardly finds someone like you in Mondstadt.Viktor: Hurry along, then. I'll be waiting for you here. Did I mention that you should hurry?
Viktor: What, too easy? It'll do, or do you think you can take on something nastier?Viktor: Just go, and be back soon. I'll wait here.Viktor: *sigh* If you'd kept me waiting any longer, I'd have been put to sleep by this wind...
Viktor: Hah! I say, are you an idiot, or is that just an act?Viktor: You're not even an official member of the Fatui. Do you really think you can ask "what's a Delusion?" just like that?Viktor: Do you think I'd tell you? Like those two Knights of Favonius guards at the gate?Viktor: Still, Delusions are our precious pride and joy — it couldn't hurt to explain a little.Viktor: How about this, then. I believe you've seen those Treasure Hoarders outside Mondstadt?Viktor: They're a bunch of skulking two-bit pikers, but they do sometimes blunder into something valuable.Viktor: If you could head over there and take a little something off them, I'll tell you a bit about Delusions in return.
Viktor: I think I like you. Off you go, then.
Viktor: Money? Hahaha, do you take me for one of those Knights of Favonius?Viktor: No, I'd just like to see what those Treasure Hoarders can dig up in Mondstadt.Viktor: That said, I don't think they'll find anything decent. *chuckles*
Viktor: What, you want to ask me about the Tsaritsa?Viktor: Is she the reason you want to join the Fatui?Viktor: I don't mean to put you down, but weigh your words for a moment, why don't you?Viktor: Still, the Tsaritsa is something that I cannot tell you about.Viktor: Why don't you go grab something off a Ruin Guard? I'm in need of something to fiddle with.
Viktor: Well, then off you get. I'll be waiting here.
Viktor: Eh? Can't a man collect trinkets? Or are you Mondstadt folk afraid of a little Ruin Guard?Viktor: To us Fatui, we would barely need to lift a finger to take care of it.Viktor: Still... *sigh* this breeze really is lulling me to sleep, so I'll leave this trifling matter to you.
• Collect Mitachurl Loot
ViktorViktor: Don't forget, it's a Mitachurl trophy that you want. Come back here once you've got it.Viktor: What is it, specifically? It's... a horn. Just go get it already.
• Talk to Viktor
ViktorViktor: Have you brought it?
Viktor: Let me have a look. Well... it's passable.Viktor: Now, let me tell you a little something about the Fatui.Viktor: We Fatui hail from Zapolyarny Palace. We hear the commands of Her Majesty the Tsaritsa and we inherit her will, enacting it throughout the land.Viktor: The eleven strongest among us have been granted the title of Harbingers by Her Majesty.Viktor: Compared to a nameless grunt like me, the Eleven Harbingers are truly great figures.Viktor: If you join the Fatui and prove your strength, then perhaps you might be chosen by one of them.Viktor: And then you'd be on the up and up.Viktor: As for me? Well, I'm hardly "chosen," but I am running a little errand here for Signora.Viktor: But if you made me choose... I'd be prefer to work under Capitano.
• Collect Treasure Hoarder Loot
ViktorViktor: Remember, you want to nick something off those Treasure Hoarders.Viktor: The deal is off if you try to fool me with any old thing.
• Talk to Viktor
ViktorViktor: So, have you got it?
Viktor: Let me see. Gah, of course you couldn't find anything good in this backwater...Viktor: Alright, alright, one story about Delusions coming right up. Let me think...Viktor: Delusions are treasures of incredible power, granted by Her Majesty the Tsaritsa in person. Whether faith or Vision, a Delusion makes them all look like child's play.Viktor: Still, not everyone can wield one. Beyond the Eleven Harbingers, very few other Fatui possess a Delusion.Viktor: Even so, for an ordinary mortal like me, a Delusion is far more practical than a Vision, which one can only get by the grace of the gods.Viktor: Ha, I see that you don't own a Vision, either. How about it, then? If you join the Fatui, who knows? Maybe you really will come to possess a Delusion.Viktor: And that's all I have to say about Delusions. The Knights of Favonius are rather touchy about these things, so best you don't send them running my way.
• Collect Ruin Guard Loot
ViktorViktor: You're looking for a trophy claimed from the body of a Ruin Guard, alright? Don't you get lazy and try to hoodwink me with something else.Viktor: *sigh* I'm getting sleepier by the minute...
• Talk to Viktor
ViktorViktor: So, did you bring the goods?
Viktor: Oh, now this is not bad. You've got some skill, alright.Viktor: So, you'd like to know about Her Majesty the Tsaritsa, correct? Now, where to begin?Viktor: If you need a simple summary, it is that the Tsaritsa is our god.Viktor: This is no abstraction, only concrete truth. The Tsaritsa is the Cryo Archon, one of the Seven who hold dominion over the mortal realm.Viktor: But to us Fatui, Her Majesty has a status beyond even that of a god.Viktor: As for why... I doubt you would understand even if I explained it. Or should I say, you couldn't understand.Viktor: If you wish to understand, then join us. Once you do, you will comprehend how Her Majesty the Tsaritsa is...Viktor: ...Heh, and that's all I'll say for now. That sister is giving me the stink-eye again.

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