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Cleanup At Dawn II

Cleanup At Dawn II
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionAt the behest of head housemaid Adelinde, maids Moco and Hillie have begun cleaning up. However, they seem to have run into a spot of trouble...
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Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Moco and Hillie
MocoMoco: What're we gonna do!?Hillie: Adelinde is totally gonna freak out...
Moco: So, Adelinde asked us to tidy up the area around the Winery.Hillie: Most places were fine, but there are all these haystacks lying around.Moco: Connor said he's storing them here because he needs them for something.Hillie: They're bound pretty tight, so at least they didn't get blown away in the wind. But still, a load of leaves got blown in among the hay.Moco: We worked really hard at it, but we still didn't manage to get all the leaves out.Hillie: If we keep on at this pace, the head housemaid Adelinde is gonna freak out... What're we gonna do?
Moco: Seriously? You're awesome! Thanks.
Hillie: When they're mixed in with the hay they sure are. We have to pick them out one by one, which takes forever...Hillie: If you've got a better idea, I'm all ears!
• Sweep up the pile of leaves
MocoMoco: Ugh, my clothes are filthy now.Hillie: And we didn't even clear out all the leaves.Moco: What're we gonna do?
HillieMoco: Ugh, my clothes are filthy now.Hillie: And we didn't even clear out all the leaves.Moco: What're we gonna do?
• Talk to Moco and Hillie
MocoMoco: How did it go?Hillie: Did you get them all?
Moco: Oh my gosh, you're awesome!Hillie: Traveler, you're the best person ever!Moco: Thanks! Now Adelinde won't be on our backs.Hillie: Please take these as our thank-you gift.Moco: Right, we've got other places to clean now. Thanks again! See you.
MocoMoco: What did you go and do that for!? You've burned down the haystack!Hillie: Gee thanks... now Adelinde's gonna freak out for sure — and on top of that, she's definitely gonna fire us too!
Moco: Ugh, we should've just kept on picking them out one by one.Hillie: Darn it... There's no way back from this...
Moco: Traveler, you'd better get outta here. This was our responsibility.Hillie: It's our fault for getting someone to help who doesn't know a thing about cleaning.Moco: What is Adelinde gonna do when she finds out...Hillie: She's gonna be so mad...
• Talk to Moco and Hillie

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