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The More Treasures the Merrier

The More Treasures the Merrier
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionMarjorie seems to be upset about not having enough goods...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Mora x 3000
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Marjorie
MarjorieMarjorie: This is bad... Very bad...
Marjorie: Traveler! Just the person I needed to see. Did you know this is my souvenir shop?Marjorie: My dad used to wait till the adventurers came back and buy their spoils of war from them to sell in the shop.Marjorie: But since things started dying down at the Adventurers' Guild, my opportunities to stock up have been few and far between.Marjorie: Not only that, but recently the items we get in are hardly worth anything. Nobody wants to buy them.Marjorie: Traveler, your adventures take you all over the place, don't they? Could I trouble you to bring me back some treasures that I can sell next time?
Marjorie: Thank you! Whatever you bring me, I will make sure to get a good price for.
Marjorie: I'm sorry, but nobody wants to buy that.Marjorie: My customers tend to prefer objects of the more inanimate variety.
MarjorieMarjorie: (Test) Really? You're going to take it?Marjorie: (Test) We have a sale!
• Talk to Marjorie
MarjorieMarjorie: Hmm, I haven't given you the slightest idea of what sells well, have I? I bet you don't know what to look for.Marjorie: Why don't you get me some loot from the hilichurls.Marjorie: I have a feeling that adventurers looking to prove their worth would be interested in that sort of thing.Marjorie: Everything clear? Off you go then, I'll be waiting.
MarjorieMarjorie: Don't forget, you're looking for some loot from the hilichurls.Marjorie: Hehehe, I'm going to make me a nice stack of Mora off this...
• Give Marjorie the rewards collected from the hilichurls
MarjorieMarjorie: This will make a handsome sum.Marjorie: Wait till I've sold this and I'll be sure to compensate you fairly.Marjorie: Look at that! Someone's taking an interest...Jack: What's this?Marjorie: Welcome! You have fine taste my friend, you've zeroed in on the most valuable item we have in the store.Marjorie: This is a battle trophy seized from the hand of a hilichurl chief not long ago, by none other than this traveler here!Marjorie: Who knows how long that frightful hilichurl hooligan has been menacing Mondstadt...Marjorie: And don't think that just because this traveler is a seasoned warrior, it wasn't a fiercely fought battle!Jack: Really, wow... Sounds like this hilichurl was a nasty piece of work...Jack: ...Maybe I should get this and show it to Cyrus. Or Stanley.Jack: Perhaps they'd see me differently then...Marjorie: Oh, most certainly! We know how to keep a secret in this store, don't you worry...Marjorie: My advice would be to take it now, or someone else is sure to snatch it up before long.Jack: I need to think about it... Traveler — is it true what she says?
Jack: Well, I guess that decides it then. I'll take it!Marjorie: Excellent choice sir, if I do say so myself! Here, I've wrapped it up for you. Have a wonderful day!
Jack: Really? What would I want to buy that for?Jack: Whew... I almost handed over the cash too! In future, spare me the hard sell and just give me the facts!Jack: I'm going to look elsewhere.
MarjorieMarjorie: Good job backing me up just now!Marjorie: Now, here's what I owe you... plus a bit extra for the sterling performance.Marjorie: It's been a pleasure working with you. I look forward to doing this again!
MarjorieMarjorie: Why didn't you play along!? You have to do a bit of legwork to sell basic rubbish like this...Marjorie: How often do I get a customer in here... You're unbelievable! You realize that if you screw this up for me, we both lose out, right!?Marjorie: Ugh, forget it. Take these and get outta here, you're bad for business!
JackJack: I appreciate what you did back there, traveler.Jack: If it wasn't for you, I probably would have wasted a lot of money in that store.Jack: Take these. You deserve them.
• Collect rewards from Marjorie

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