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A Little Booze Doesn’t Hurt…

A Little Booze Doesn't Hurt...
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionNimrod wants to enjoy a few drinks from the tavern, but he needs some help to deal with his wife...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Nimrod
NimrodNimrod: Boy do I need a drink...Nimrod: But if Eury catches me drinking, it'll be the end of me.
Nimrod: Huh? Oh... It's fine, I just fancy a little drink is all.Nimrod: My wife Eury can't stand it when I drink, though, so I never touch the stuff at home.Nimrod: All I can do is wait till she's gone out shopping and then slip out for a few quick ones.
Nimrod: Hey! Don't be like that. I'm hardly the only person in Mondstadt who's fond of a drink.Nimrod: But could you go and distract Eury for a while? Just long enough for one or two brews, you know?Nimrod: Whenever Eury goes shopping, all it takes is a little too much choice and she'll be there all day trying to make up her mind!Nimrod: She's guaranteed to keep thinking it over as long as you can keep making sure there's another option...
Nimrod: Haha, excellent! May your glasses forever flow with the fine wine of good fortune, my friends!
Nimrod: Ho-ho, well that depends how long you can...Nimrod: ...N—No, I just need enough time to enjoy one nice drink without having to down it...Nimrod: Just the one, I swear! You can always trust a tavern-goer in Mondstadt!
• Find Eury
EuryEury: Hmm... Sunsettias or apples? Decisions, decisions...Eury: *sigh* I wish Nimrod were here, I'd just pick what he wants...Quinn: Apologies, Eury ma'am. We're all out of sunsettias.Eury: Oh, I see. Well, I guess it will have to be apples, then.Quinn: Ooh... Sorry Eury, I think these apples are starting to turn...Eury: Really? Hmm... but there's no other choice.Paimon: Allow us!Quinn: Huh? Allow you to...?
Paimon: Relax. We'll find some fresh sunsettias for you.Quinn: ...You will? Um, well thanks...!Eury: This is great, Nimrod much prefers sunsettias to apples. I'll wait here then.
• Find Sunsettia
QuinnQuinn: It's so kind of you to get me some sunsettias, Beatrice bought the last ones just before I got here.
EuryEury: I really am grateful to you... You know what? My husband recently quit drinking for my sake, and he's been so miserable since...Eury: Maybe some of his favorite fruit will cheer him up a bit.Eury: That said... The apples are better value for money...
PaimonPaimon: #{NICKNAME}, let's go get those sunsettias pronto!Paimon: We need to keep Eury umm-ing and ahh-ing for as long as possible.Paimon: Is it just me or it is weird that Nimrod understands his wife so well?
• Give the Sunsettia
QuinnQuinn: Did you find any sunsettias?
Quinn: Gosh, that's plenty! This is amazing, thank you!Eury: They look really good!Eury: ...But these apples are so cheap. Maybe I should get some of each?
• Report back to Nimrod
PaimonPaimon: That should keep Eury pondering for a good while...Paimon: Let's go and update Nimrod.
NimrodNimrod: Y—You're back? What's the... situation with Eury?Paimon: Judging by the smell, I'd say he's had more than one...
Nimrod: Great... great! I, uh... I guess I have time for another then! Bartender—Paimon: Oi! You said just the one! You said you swear!Nimrod: Hehe... I did, didn't I? Just the one... I swear— I swear this next one is just the one for me! Haha! Bartender...Nimrod: Thank you, my friends. Please, take these. My gift to you.Nimrod: Now, I must get back to my wine! Wine o'clock doesn't come every day...

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