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Step by Step
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionDoolan is frustrated and wandering around the Thousand Winds Temple...
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Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Doolan
DoolanPatchi the Curious: There's no such THING as a perfect plan when you're on an adventure! How are you going to make any progress at all if you keep deliberating like this?Doolan: If the plan isn't perfect, then we need to be prepared for anything!
Doolan: Ah, you see, we are planning to go exploring in the Thousand Winds Temple. But Ms. Patchi here doesn't have any adventuring experience...Doolan: The inside of the temple is swarming with monsters these days, not to mention the terrifying Ruin Guard at the entrance... We will only put our lives at risk if we rush into this.Doolan: I am only trying to ensure Ms. Patchi's safety— Well, okay... our collective safety.Doolan: I am trying to persuade her of the merits of devising a meticulous and foolproof plan for this adventure.Doolan: But I fear if we start with some basic reconnaissance near the temple grounds, Patchi will get too excited and go charging in...Doolan: I need to stay here and keep an eye on her. Could you go and survey the area for me?
Doolan: Wonderful! But be sure to observe everything carefully. A single detail overlooked could spell the failure of our adventure.Doolan: Whatever happens out there, I need you to tell me everything about it.
Doolan: N—No, that won't work! I, uh— There are all sorts of details in the current plan I still need to go over with her...Doolan: Help me go and look for clues. Please!
• Go investigate the ruins
DoolanDoolan: Found anything?
Doolan: Please, everything depends on you! Your findings will make or break my whole adventure.
• Go investigate the ruins
• Go investigate the ruins
• Go investigate the ruins
• Talk to Doolan
DoolanDoolan: Anything yet? Anything at all?
Doolan: ...I see, I see.
Doolan: This is excellent news. Wonderful. Fantastic! Thank you, take these for your trouble.Doolan: Ms. Patchi! There has been a major change of plan...

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