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Michelle Never Stops!

Michelle Never Stops!
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionMichelle is on her way to work, looking quite exhausted...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Milk x 10
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Michelle
MichelleMichelle: Ow, my back...
Michelle: I was just getting ready for work, but then all of a sudden my back started hurting.Michelle: I promised Quinn I would go and help out at his fruit stand today, but I think it's best if I rest here for a while first...Michelle: But I can't just stay here and hold everything up.Michelle: Could you go and ask Quinn what he needs me to do? That will help me get prepared.
Michelle: Thank you. I should be fine after a short rest.
Paimon: Come on, is this really so much to ask? Help me out here.
QuinnQuinn: Oh no...
PaimonPaimon: Whoa... This looks like really tough work.Paimon: Michelle has enough on her plate already. Let's help Quinn finish the job off ourselves.Paimon: And then let's beg him to give Michelle something that's a bit more manageable...Paimon: Hopefully Michelle won't mind us stepping in on her behalf like this.
• Talk to Quinn
MichelleMichelle: My back hurts so much... I hope I'll recover after a short rest...
QuinnQuinn: Where is my delivery? This is ridiculous...
Quinn: *sigh* My fruit stall is all out of sunsettias. I ordered several batches a while ago...Quinn: But they still haven't arrived. And my customers won't wait forever.Quinn: Eury alone has come by three times already, and all she wants is three sunsettias. She's been a regular customer for a long time, and now I'm afraid I might lose her!Quinn: I need to stay at the stall... If only someone could go and pick a few wild sunsettias for me.
Quinn: Really? That's amazing! Thank you so much.
Paimon: Hang on! What is Michelle doing picking fruit in her condition!?Paimon: We can help!
• Collect Sunsettia
QuinnQuinn: Did you find me some sunsettias?
Quinn: There should be plenty of sunsettias just outside the city. Please, I need to stay here — can you run and grab some quickly?
• Give the Sunsettia to Quinn
QuinnQuinn: Have you found me some sunsettias yet?
Quinn: Great. That should be enough for Miss Eury.Quinn: *sigh* But it looks like most of my customers have gone now. This isn't a one-person job, it seems.Quinn: Oh— I should give you something for your trouble. Hang on...Paimon: There is no need for gifts. But we do have a request for you.
Quinn: Michelle? You've seen her?Quinn: I should give her a less taxing job?Quinn: All I ever asked is that she watch the fruit stand for me.Paimon: Oh. Is that true?Quinn: But with no more customers, it looks like I won't even need her to do that...Quinn: Please tell her to go home and rest for me.Quinn: I'll go and chase up that delivery in a moment.
• Talk to Michelle
MichelleMichelle: Have you spoken to Quinn?
Paimon: There's nothing to do at Quinn's today anyway, go home and rest up.Michelle: Really... *sigh* Looks like I should find something else to do...Paimon: What? You're not going to take a sick day!? Take the chance while it's there!Michelle: Stop and feel what is happening all around you. That's Lord Barbatos' winds, still hard at work.Michelle: We are blessed by Barbatos. It is not a privilege we should take lightly — we all need to do our part.Michelle: As for your part... What have you been doing? Why are you sweating so much?Michelle: It seems that you are very busy yourself. But this is not a bad thing, for the more we toil, the more we sweat, and the more keenly we feel the winds of Barbatos.Michelle: Here, have this bottle of milk. Drink up and get back to it, for there is no shortage of work to be done in this world.
QuinnQuinn: Thank you for your help. *sigh* Next time I need to get more people on board. Maybe Beatrice? Nah...
PaimonPaimon: Hahaha... Well, on the bright side, at least we got some exercise...

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