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Adventure Takes Courage!

Adventure Takes Courage!
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionPatchi is near the Thousand Winds Temple, trying to find a way to enter...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Talk to Patchi
Patchi the CuriousPatchi the Curious: There's no such THING as a perfect plan when you're on an adventure! How are you going to make any progress at all if you keep deliberating like this?Doolan: If the plan isn't perfect, then we need to be prepared for anything!
Patchi the Curious: I am a researcher of ancient ruins, and I wish to embark on a field trip to the Thousand Winds Temple. But I don't deal well with situations involving combat.Patchi the Curious: Mr. Doolan here is an adventurer, and has taken it upon himself to make all the necessary arrangements for the temple investigation.Patchi the Curious: Now, I do not mean to be critical of Doolan in any way, and I know that those Ruin Guards can be a real nuisance... but he insists on devising a fully comprehensive adventure plan down to the last detail, to which end he calls meeting after meeting...Patchi the Curious: We've had research, investigation, and amendments, followed by supplementary research, further investigation, and round-two amendments... Ahh, I just can't take it anymore!Patchi the Curious: Now he says he's found new evidence of monsters camping out next to the temple.Patchi the Curious: I'm begging you, clear them out for me, would you? Just to shut him up, even if it doesn't get us inside the temple...
Patchi the Curious: I appreciate the gesture, but take it from me...Patchi the Curious: ...You'll find those monsters far less stressful to deal with than one of his meetings!
• Clear out the monster camp
Patchi the CuriousPatchi the Curious: So, have you wiped out the monsters' camps?
Patchi the Curious: Please do it as soon as you can. Before Doolan finds yet another piece of evidence to pursue and ponder...
• Talk to Patchi
Patchi the CuriousPatchi the Curious: Have you wiped out the monsters' camps yet?
Patchi the Curious: Wonderful. I will speak with him at once about a proposed means of entry into the temple.Patchi the Curious: He'll have no excuse to pull me into a meeting this time!

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