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Long Distance Love

Long Distance Love
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionGodwin, a Knight of Favonius, is yearning for his lover who stayed in Mondstadt. He's looking for someone to deliver a letter to her...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Something seems to be troubling Godwin
• Talk to Godwin
GodwinGodwin: ...Ugh, I am so ready to just get back to Mondstadt...Godwin: Oh, Traveler! Hi! Can I ask you a favor?Godwin: As you can see, I'm with the Knights, and I'm on patrol right now.Godwin: I told my girlfriend I would send her a letter before too long, just to let her know I'm safe and sound.Godwin: Then things got busy and I forgot all about it... dear me. Could you deliver this letter to her for me? Her name's Glory...
Paimon: The blind girl... Dandelion Seed collector...Paimon: Aha! You must be Godwin? Glory mentioned you!Godwin: Wha— How do you know Glory?
Godwin: She made you run an errand, you say? I hope it wasn't anything dangerous...Paimon: She just asked us to get her some Dandelion Seeds, that's all. She said by releasing them into the wind, they would convey her heart's desires to you.Godwin: Dandelion Seeds, eh? That does sound like my Glory alright.
Godwin: Yes— erm, well that was the plan... Let me, uh, fill you in.Godwin: Did you hear about the time the Grand Master left Mondstadt and took four out of every five knights with him?Godwin: Right, well, I was one of the ones assigned to that expedition. But unfortunately... just as we were getting ready to set off, I realized I'd lost the keepsake that Glory gave me. By the time I was done looking for it, they'd already left...Godwin: I—I still haven't figured out how to catch up with them, and in the meantime I've just been milling around here...Godwin: I can't bring myself to go back to Mondstadt. I can only imagine what the knights would think of me if I just came crawling back...Godwin: Also... I promised Glory I would send her letters and gifts from all around the world. I said I would send her the world!Godwin: If she found out I'd never even made it out of Mondstadt...Paimon: You don't want to lose face.Godwin: Please, deliver this letter to Glory for me won't you? I bet she's worried sick about me.
Godwin: I can't thank you enough, Traveler! Please keep everything I just told you a secret though.
Godwin: There is so much I want to say to Glory, far more than a handful of Dandelion Seeds could ever hope to carry.Godwin: Thank you for taking her my letter. And remember, not a word about any of this!
GodwinGodwin: Thank you for delivering my letter. *sigh* All I want to do is go back and see Glory... If only...
• Give the letter to Glory
GloryGlory: Hello. I know that voice... Traveler! It's you, isn't it?Glory: What brings you here today?
Glory: A letter... for me? Who would do that...Glory: ...Godwin.Glory: Have you seen him? I guess that must mean he's okay— Did he say when he'll be back?Glory: Sorry, forget all that. I'm sure he must be far too busy to answer all these questions, I don't want to put any more pressure on him.Glory: But could you read the letter to me?Glory: Quietly... No-one needs to hear this but the two of us.
Glory: Wow, you read it so nicely... Is this something you do a lot?
Glory: Liyue Harbor... Wow, Godwin really is seeing the world after all!Glory: Thank you, I will treasure this letter. Next time you see Godwin, do tell him I'm thinking of him.
GloryGlory: What is it? Is there something else you need to tell me?
• Report back to Godwin
GodwinGodwin: Did you deliver my letter?
Godwin: Phew... At least she's not mad at me after that long silence.Paimon: How do you know about Liyue Harbor when you've been milling around Mondstadt this whole time?Godwin: Ah, yes... All my stories are based on things the Grand Master has told me. He's been everywhere.Godwin: Anyway, thanks again. You have been a big help.Godwin: Here, take these Dandelion Seeds. I picked them myself.Godwin: Next time Glory asks you for more Dandelion Seeds, I'd appreciate it if you could help her out again.

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