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Urgent Repairs

Urgent Repairs
TypeNPC Commissions
Requires AR0
Is Part of
DescriptionMagar is transporting goods to Springvale, but his transport was attacked by hilichurls, and now both he and the transport are in danger...
Prev Quest(s)Next Quest(s)
Bonus Rewards depends on AR
Objectives & Dialogues (are clickable)
• Go check the details
• Defeat all opponents
• Talk to Magar
Terrified MagarTerrified Magar: Thank you, Traveler. Ugh, trust me to find a way to balls everything up...Terrified Magar: If I can't even take a cart of wine from A to B without running into trouble... What good am I for anything?Terrified Magar: I'll be fired from the Winery if I don't get my act together... That is, if Mr. Connor isn't on to me already. Ugh, I bet Mr. Elzer's drafting up my dismissal letter as I speak... It's hopeless, it's all hope—
Terrified Magar: *sigh* Well, even if my job situation is beyond hope, I should still get this cart to its destination.Terrified Magar: The cart's also been damaged... Traveler, could I trouble you to help me find what I need? Just one Sturdy Plank will be enough.
Terrified Magar: Phew... Thanks. Meanwhile, I'll... have a— a think about how to fix the cart.
Terrified Magar: Don't go... Please. If I try, I—I'll only mess it up again. I need you. You're my only hope.
• Collect wood
Terrified MagarTerrified Magar: You should be able to find a Sturdy Plank in the forest. Bring it to me when you find one, yeah?
• Give the Sturdy Plank to Magar
Terrified MagarTerrified Magar: That'll do the trick. I should be able to fix the cart now. I think. I hope...Terrified Magar: Shoot, they're back! Help me, Traveler!
• Defeat all opponents
• Talk to Magar
Terrified MagarTerrified Magar: Phew... Thank goodness you are here, Traveler.Terrified Magar: But I don't know how I'm going to fix my cart now, after that.Terrified Magar: There's damage everywhere... I guess I'll have to patch it up as best I can. Whatever I do, it's not going to be a permanent fix.Terrified Magar: Never mind. As long as it holds together for the journey into town, I can figure out the next step once I'm there.Terrified Magar: I thought there was some rope in the cart... Gah, they must have made off with it.Terrified Magar: Traveler... Why don't you take a look in the woods over there for me? If there's a Rope around, that would be perfect.
Terrified Magar: Great. You do that, and I'll— I'll, uh, keep watch.
Terrified Magar: Uh... But you're the only one around here who can help me, so... Thanks in advance...!
• Collect rope
Terrified MagarTerrified Magar: Take a look in the woods over there for me, would you? If you find a rope, bring it to me.
• Give the rope to Magar
Terrified MagarTerrified Magar: Thank you, Traveler. That will do nicely.Terrified Magar: This should hold out long enough to get me to Springvale. Once I've dropped off the goods there, I'll head back to the winery and update them on what went down.Terrified Magar: Hopefully Elzer doesn't fire me on the spot when he sees what's happened to his cart...

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